George Howell Coffee – Boston

George Howell Coffee

George Howell has been an innovator and entrepreneur in the field of quality coffee for over forty years. From starting a roastery to setting up shop in cafes. The city of Boston has benefited greatly from his hard work and dedication.

George Howell Coffee has received awards from both the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, so it’s safe to say he has become the five star standard for top of the line coffee in the Boston area. Read about the best Sumatra Mandheling coffee here.

Customers and the environment come first

Whether it is their fair trade sourcing and pricing to the quality customer service at each and every cafe, George Howell Coffee is all about building positive relationships. Another key goal is to enhance the environmental sustainability of their sourcing, whilst also maintaining their staunch sense of social responsibility.

Selling beans and bites all around Boston

Known both as a wholesale supplier and for its array of quality restaurant locations, There are cafes at Newtonville (ten miles outside Boston) as well as a prime spot in the Boston Public Market, not to mention the famed Godfrey Hotel.

These locations are all united by a common pursuit of the finest coffee in the world. George Howell is all about exploration and innovation when it comes to flavors, and the company roastery has been striving since 2003 to test new brew methods, train baristas to the highest standard, as well as supplying wholesale coffee to a variety of outlets.

Grab and go or sit and sip

Each venue also boasts a selection of top quality pastries, tartines and sandwiches, all made with high quality, locally-sourced ingredients. They have a nice dining area where you are free to meet a friend or get some work done on their free WIFI.

Their own unique blend

George Howell Coffee specializes in their own unique blend known as Terroir Coffee. Like a fine wine, Terroir Coffee represents blending and brewing of the highest caliber. From the growing and sourcing of ingredients, to the means by which it is stored and exported, delicate care is taken every step of the way to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

The slightest fluctuations in weather might ruin a whole batch! Bearing that in mind, you know that when you are taking a sip of Terroir Coffee, you are tasting the best George Howell Coffee has to offer.

Offers coffee education

Each cafe outlet hosts a variety of coffee-centric activities too. The Boston Market location offers a periodic seminar delivered by George Howell himself, so if you are aficionado you won’t want to miss it!

Likewise, the Godfrey Hotel establishment offers a selection of group education coffee classes, so you can tantalize your mind and your tastebuds in one fell swoop!

All that swag

There is a vital retail aspect to George Howell Coffee, too. Each outlet boasts a wide selection of products on sale, ranging from the famous beans themselves to all manner of high-tech coffee preparation equipment, so that you can experience the very best coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are a casual admirer or a full-fledged coffee connoisseur, there is plenty to keep you happy within the walls of a George Howell Coffee House. With three bustling locations in Boston why not stop in for a little coffee 101 or to meet a friend and try out the fine wine of coffee.


401 Park Dr, Boston, MA

505 Washington St, Boston, MA

100 Hanover St, Boston, MA