What The Heck Is Harrar Coffee?!

What The Heck Is Harrar Coffee?!

One of the greatest places to find coffee is in the Ethiopian region. Coffee actually originated in this region many centuries ago. The country is still known around the world for their exotic coffee beans.

It does not matter what type of coffee or region where it’s grown in Ethiopia, the coffee is always at its peak of greatness. For the coffee drinker who wants to try something new, one of the greatest coffees in the world is Harrar coffee.

What makes this coffee so great? Keep reading to learn more about the Ethiopian Harrar coffee and its wonderful history.

What Makes Harrar Coffee So Great?

The Harrar coffee bean is one of the best in the world because of the region where it is grown. It is grown in Ethiopia, where the best coffee beans in the world originated.

Harrar coffee is full-bodied, spicy, and fragrant. It is grown at an elevation between fourteen hundred and two thousand meters.

It is a dry processed coffee bean that is grown on farms in the Oromia region, which was formerly Harrar. The region of Harrar is in the southern part of Ethiopia. Harrar coffee is considered to be an arabica coffee.

What Region Does Harrar Coffee Come From?

The Harrar coffee bean is grown on farms in the Oromia region, which was formerly known as Harrar. This is in the southern most part of Ethiopia, where many of the great coffee beans are grown.

What Is The Cost Of Harrar Coffee?

Costs for Harrar coffee bean will vary, according to where you purchase your coffee. However, you can expect to pay less than thirty dollars for pure Harrar coffee beans.

Where Can You Purchase Harrar Coffee Beans?

There are a few places where you can purchase your Harrar coffee beans. These include: Ethiopian shops, international food markets, and online purchases from specialty shops.

Keep in mind to always make sure that the Harrar coffee beans are one hundred percent pure. This should be stated on the bag when you purchase it.

As always, when it comes to purchasing your Harrar coffee beans, do your homework. While going to the Ethiopian shop will help you in understanding the Harrar coffee beans, purchasing them online will make them more readily accessible, while delivering them right to your door.


Ethiopia has long been known as the best place for growing exotic coffee beans. The Harrar coffee bean is no exception.

Grown in the southern part of Ethiopia on a farm, Harrar coffee has a spicy, bold taste that you will not soon forget.

Harrar coffee is something special, and will take you to a place in your mind that you will not want to leave. Enjoy the experience of Ethiopia and Harrar coffee for yourself.

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