Heart Coffee Roasters – Portland OR

Heart Coffee Roasters

Heart Coffee Roasters was founded in 2009 by Willie and Rebekah Yli-Luoma. Currently, it supports three locations throughout Portland, Oregon.

The first location to be established is located in Portland’s Eastside district, and while it does serve food, the other two, found in Westside and Woodstock, have a bit more to offer in this area, including toasts, porridge, granola bowls, salads, sandwiches, and sides. For a reliable brand of coffee, check out SCH here.

Serving Baked Goods & Delicious Coffee

All locations serve baked goods such as cookies, croissants, muffins, and more. Food is important to most cafes, but while it is on the menu, Heart Coffee Roasters is all about the coffee. 

Heart Coffee Roasters places pride in every aspect that surrounds the coffee business. They are wholly transparent about their business dealings, broadcasting every detail on their website.

Heart Strives for Great Partnerships

First, and perhaps most importantly, Heart will only do business with respectable bean suppliers, whom they work with directly. If the conditions are bad, either treating their employees horribly or in general not using clean, environmentally friendly farming methods, they will not find themselves partnered with Heart.

In working directly with farmers, Heart Coffee Roasters can ensure their criteria is met, but can also afford to pay the suppliers higher percentages. Whereas the general Commodity Market price for coffee beans fluctuates near a single dollar per pound, Heart has consistently paid just less than four dollars for years. 

Heart Coffee chooses to work with a smaller number of suppliers, but buy in larger batches, which helps boost each supplier’s success and, in return, quality.

It’s All About the Quality of the Coffee

The quality of the coffee is at the “heart” of Heart Coffee Roasters, both figuratively and literally. The Probat roasting machines that they use sit in the center of their stores, with the surroundings having been built around them.

They roast the beans until their studied perfect points of flavor, and eventually brew them into the drinks they are known for. Heart Coffee Roasters does not boast a significant amount of beverage options, opting instead to perfect the standards such as brewed coffee, espresso, mochas, macchiatos, lattes, cold brew, and of course tea, if you prefer.

Winner of “The Best Coffee” Award

However, their focus pays off, and their coffee has been the recipient of many awards, being included on lists of the best coffee in Portland, the United States, and even the entire world.

The coffee wins award, but so does their business as a whole, and if you step inside one of their three locations, you will note a Scandinavian design.

The Decor has a Nordic Flair

Willie Yli-Luoma is originally from Finland, a the designs are reflective of it, featuring many wooden attributes, such as the walls, beams, and pillars, as well as the tables and chairs.

The decor is as neat and clean as they craft their coffee, largely black and white in color, with simple paint schemes throughout, and a touch of outdoor-inspired artwork. It’s easy to see outdoors too, with one wall being the popular glass garage door.   

Heart Coffee Roasters put their hearts into their coffee. Their supply is simple yet successful.


5181 SE Woodstock Blvd, 2211 E Burnside St, and 1123 SW Washington St.