Holy Grain Coffee Shop – Orlando

Holy Grain Coffee Shop

Holy Grain Coffee Shop is a cafe located in Orlando, Florida. It was established in March of 2016 by owner Lilian Trevisan. The goal and purpose of the coffee shop was to fill the void of what she left behind when she immigrated from Brazil to the United States. For another recommendation, try Stardust Video and Coffee.

Inspired By Their Shop in Brazil

She and her husband had owned a coffee shop in Brazil, and coffee is simply a common factor in the lives of Brazilians. They frequently have it throughout the day, even beyond the three meals it is served with. It was a logical step for Lilian to open a coffee shop, and she has modeled it after the one of her past. 

Coffee is the main export of Holy Grain, and all of it is crafted with manually operated machines. It is personal in nature; a work of art for the baristas that brew it.

Their Coffee Menu is Traditional

At Holy Grain Coffee Shop, the beverage can be enjoyed as caramel, vanilla, lavender, green tea, and chai lattes; as mochas, macchiatos, cold brew, americanos, cappuccinos, espresso, and lime espresso.

Have You Ever Had a Brazilian Cappuccino?

Holy Grain lists black coffee as “normal coffee,” but their use of a Chemex pourover makes even “normal” unique. With the shop’s Brazilian heritage in mind, it is only logical that the signature drink at Holy Grain is the Brazilian Cappuccino, which is set apart from standard cappuccinos with its use of Brazilian chocolate. 

Dine-in Customers Will Receive a Kiss

Drinks can be purchased to-go, but if ordered to dine-in, customers will receive it in a unique mug, along with a Hershey Kiss. The interior of Holy Grain is reminiscent of most modern coffee shops, with its wood floors, white a chalkboard walls, metal stools, and red metal and cushioned chairs, but more than coffee can be purchased within its walls.

You Can Get Wine in the Evening Hours

In the evenings, customers can order wine, but fresh food and pastries are available all day.  The lunch-oriented food consists of sandwiches made with croissants, brioche buns, tortillas, and loads of fresh vegetables and meats that also make their way into the salads.

They Provide Healthy Smoothies and Not So Healthy Pastries

More options full of fresh ingredients are the health-centric smoothies. On the opposite end, the dessert pastries such as muffins, brownies, and cheese bread aren’t particularly healthy, but match the warm environment and pair well with the range of beverages.

Final Words

The touch of Brazil makes Holy Grain Coffee Shop more unique than it appears, but it is the quality and thought put into the crafting of its products that set it apart.


6735 Conroy Rd, Orlando, Florida, 32835