Houndstooth Coffee – Austin TX

Houndstooth Coffee - Austin TX

Founded by Sean Henry, and with the help and employment of his brother, Paul Henry, Houndstooth Coffee is a coffee shop and bar with seven locations thus far established.

The locations can be found throughout Austin and Dallas, Texas, and come in a variety of forms, from stand-alone stores, to partnering with other stores. One such instance is their partnership with the home improvement store, TreeHouse, in Dallas.

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Eco-Friendly Coffee Shop

The mutual benefits of this partnership took TreeHouse’s eco-friendly expertise and blended it with Houndstooth to form the first coffee shop in Dallas that exclusively uses solar power. 

Houndstooth has since created another stand-alone shop with the same environmental ideals and is gradually adapting its other locations into the same. Ensuring a low carbon footprint is evidence of the care Houndstooth puts into their business, and it doesn’t stop there.

It’s Not Your Typical Coffee Shop

Another of the central components that make Houndstooth a business worthy of everyone’s respect is the way they treat people. Houndstooth Coffee maintains a goal of gathering the community. They want every one of their customers to feel at home, to a higher degree than a typical coffee shop.

Whereas many cafes are only open into the early evening, the inclusion of adult beverages like beer and wine at some of its locations allows Houndstooth to entice people to stay till as late of an hour as 10:00 p.m. Most coffee shops do their business in the morning, but Houndstooth has brought their business further.

This expertise is entrenched in Houndstooth from the owner’s experience having first created another business, Jettison, which is a cocktail bar that Houndstooth actually gets its alcoholic offerings from. 

The Baristas Are Not Just Employees, They are Family

Another important facet of Houndstooth ethics is that they know to cherish their employees. They put authentic care into the lives of their baristas, wanting to know and help them achieve their goals, even beyond the store.

Houndstooth also prides itself on its deep training for its baristas. This in turn helps equip them with the communication skills necessary to have good employee-customer relationships, tying these core ethics together.

With the mention of baristas, a coffee shop would be no such thing without serving coffee, and Houndstooth does just that. Houndstooth ensures that the local and national suppliers it sources its beans from are ones of quality and sustainability.

Then, they bring their bean batch and roast them at their roastery, Tweed Coffee. Should you be looking for their wholesale offerings or a coffee subscription service, Tweed Coffee is where to turn.

Partnered with Other Local Businesses

Houndstooth is the cafe, and it is there they serve selections of coffee, iced coffee, macchiatos, lattes, teas, and baked goods. The teas come from a partnership with Steeping Room, and the baked treats from Bakerman’s Bakery, fresh in the forms of cupcakes, muffins, croissants, and more. 

Not shying away from partnering tactics to help it succeed, Houndstooth Coffee does just that, and is much the better for it. With its broad offerings of coffee, tea, pastries, and alcohol, as well as its commitment to the community and environment, Houndstooth practically does it all.

Stop in to any of its four Austin locations or three in Dallas, Texas to see for yourself.


STE 120
AUSTIN, TX 78756