Huckleberry Roasters – Denver

Huckleberry Roasters

In 2011, Mark Mann and Koan Goedman began roasting coffee out of a garage. What was once just a mere fun side-project is now a fully involved, well-to-do business in Denver, Colorado, called Huckleberry Roasters.

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Friendship is the Foundation!

The business was started out of friendship, and continues to exercise this, not just between its owners, staff, and customers, but with the world at large.  Huckleberry roasters involves itself with businesses and programs that benefit people of all and any sort, not just those related to the coffee industry.

Having Fun Competitions to Benefit Non Profits

One recent example is the event that was held in June of 2019. Titled “Colorado’s Okayest Barista”, this is a fun competition Huckleberry hopes to make into an annual function.

Partnering with the local non-profit, HeyDenver, the competition allows for anyone to join in coffee-related challenges like latte art, triangulation, and more.

All of the proceeds benefit HeyDenver, which provides free STI and HIV tests regardless of if a person has insurance or not. This is just one example of Huckleberry’s efforts, and it follows them into their coffee sourcing. 

Works Directly with the Farmers and Has Strong Relationships with them

By opting out of exclusively sourcing through Fair Trade contracts, Huckleberry can and does pay the farmers they directly work with wages that exceed what Fair Trade would allow. They do this not only to create strong relationships with their suppliers, but also to make the most impact.

Huckleberry only works with those that use sustainable means, but they also focus on those that demonstrate the ability to make an impact in the local economies the farms are situated.  Huckleberry’s friendly nature extends to their cafes’ aesthetics. Each of their two locations are different in appearance.

2 Amazing Locations that Look Nothing Alike

The newest addition, found in the bustling business hub of downtown Denver, Dairy Block, is of a more modern look, with the white, black, and concrete attributes adorning the furniture, bar, and building structure; but it retains the fun, laid-back demeanor that the other cafe’s appearance broadcasts.

Located in the neighborhood of Sunnyside, this was Huckleberry’s first cafe. While white and black are still present, there is a lot more color. One wall is painted in a swirly rainbow of color and reads “Don’t stop, get it, get it.” Similar nonchalant sayings can be found in pictures throughout, like the one that says, “My boss is a bad person.”

Different Menus at Each Location

It is hard not to smile when reading that.  The difference between the two shops’ offerings is small, with the Sunnyside cafe having a bit more food such as toasts, hummus, and waffles, and the Dairy Block location serving coffee ice-cream shakes, but both serve tea, chai, kombucha, and Huckleberry’s local and worldwide-sourced roasts.

These are made into an array of usual beverages, such as macchiatos, mochas, lattes, espresso, and coffee of both drip and aeropresso forms; but the standouts are offered as seasonal drinks, such as the summer beverage, the self-explanatory cold brew limeade.

Final Thoughts

Often, their seasonal drinks combine the normal coffee options with unusual additives like the aforementioned limeade, tonic water, or lemon juice. To help make an impact yourself or to try a beverage formed in friendship, visit Huckleberry Roasters.  


4301 Pecos St, or 1800 Wazee St, Denver, Colorado.