Hudson Hill – Denver CO

Hudson Hill Denver CO

Is it a bar or a coffee house? Guests might be a little excited to hear that Hudson Hill in Denver, Colorado is a little of both.

This isn’t your typical neighborhood bar or coffee shop. It’s warm, inviting, and offers a high-end experience that people love. It plays up to the cafe by day and cocktail bar by night, but those aren’t the only things that people love about this place.

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It’s a Cafe and Bar With a New York Twist

The owner, Jeff Soffes, comes from a fine culinary background and is a native of New York. He graduated from the New York French Culinary Institute and spent time in New York City working at a local restaurant. He always had plans to open his own bar and Hudson Hill in Denver is the perfect blend of east and west in the heart of Denver. He focuses on crafting the perfect cocktails and serving flavorful wines and hot coffee.

Upscale Feel But A Warm & Welcoming Atmosphere

While Hudson Hill has an upscale feel, it’s not stuffy or stark. Warm wood tones, tiles with Aztec patterns, and mid-century modern couches make the space feel fresh, inviting, and fun. The exposed brick walls are decorated with large-scale photographs and art. The barstools are covered in a warm-looking leather. They look sleek and modern with white poles holding each one up.

They Have a Living Herb Wall That’s Used For Garnish

The bar is tiled in a Southwestern theme but still feels fresh and modern with simple blue and white colors. The white wall has fresh herbs growing in large wooden pots. The bartenders use the living herb wall in creative ways to garnish and flavor the drinks.

Enjoy a Fresh Baguette With Butter

Order from their menu of cheeses from around the world. They can suggest just the right cocktail pairing to give you the best culinary experience. They also serve fresh baguettes with butter and an assortment of sweet pastries, including chocolate chip croissants and cinnamon rolls. If you prefer something savory, try a ham and cheese baguette instead.

They Offer Special Flavors To Jazz Up Your Coffee

Start your morning with an aromatic blend of coffee. Whether you want a simple Americano or a handcrafted latte, there is something for everyone. They offer the standard caramel flavoring, but you can also choose from lavender, chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. If you want breakfast to go with your coffee, they have a handful of filling selections.

They Have a Happy Hour!

When the day is done, head over for happy hour and enjoy a glass of fine wine or one of their signature cocktails. Taste their cold brew coolata, chamomile sour, or even a non-alcoholic cocktail. They can whip up almost anything.

Hudson Hill is hip and modern and most people don’t feel like they are in the middle of Denver when they enter. It has the feel of a New York City bar with a trendy elegance that you can’t find anywhere else in the area. This is because Jeff wanted to create a neighborhood bar that wasn’t a dive, but a place where professionals, neighbors, and visitors to the city would enjoy.

They offer the finest table service you can find in a coffee place. Quality is everything and it’s the atmosphere, drinks, and amazing customer service that keeps people coming back and bringing their friends.


619 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203