Influx Cafe – Little Italy

Influx Cafe - Little Italy

Influx Cafe is a coffee shop in San Diego, California. They currently have established three separate locations throughout the area, one of those being in the neighborhood of Little Italy.

The core of what makes Influx Cafe into its own unique business is its commitment and dedication to modern considerations. 

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Influx Cafe is Environmentally Friendly

Most well known for their coffee, Influx uses a unique and environmentally friendly process to produce their products. Firstly, they locally source their coffee beans, which helps cement them as a part of the local economy.

Secondly and most uniquely is that they locally roast their coffee beans through the means of solar power. This is by itself a very environmentally friendly move. Beyond that, every option they serve on their drink menu is organic. 

Their list of drip coffee includes their own roasts such as House, African, South American, and Decaf. Not over-extending themselves, the further categories of their drink menu includes iced coffee, cold brew, organic espresso, “coffee” drink, blended drinks, Italian sodas, as well as teas in the form of normal, latte, and chai latte.

From Drip Coffees to Signature Creations

The coffee drinks section is where their signatures lie, as it includes more than the name implies. Their drip coffee is its own separate thing, and the drinks in this section, although while certainly incorporating their drip coffee roasts to varying extents, include extra ingredients to make up coffee shop staples.

They have the standards such as mochas, and lattes, but also the drinks that spice it up a bit, like “Hammerhead,” and “Vietnamese Coffee.”  Finding itself with hotels nearby, Influx Cafe also offers what hotel goers often seek on their way out: food.

Influx Cafe has an influx of food options too. With a staggering amount of forty different items on the menu, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your cravings.

Serving Classic Treats, Organic Products & Vegetarian Options

Their food categories consist of croissants, bagels, fruit bowls, salads, and sandwiches. These things are standard fare in many coffee shops, but the wealth of options Influx provides, as well as their dedication to serving organic products, helps push them from a cafe to what is almost restaurant territory.

It should be noted that Influx also serves vegetarian options, and that all of their baked goods are baked fresh in the morning.  Influx Cafe still seeks the humble and welcoming feel that people desire in cafes though.

Offers a Welcoming Environment

The methods in which they achieve this is through their customer service, but also through the importance they place in their design. Modern is their mood, and this means sleek, minimalist design with splashes of bright color.

Their wood grain counter, tables, and accent wall appear Scandinavian, which is to say, gritty and smooth at the same time. The centerpiece that sets the mood is the round “Solitaire Pendant” light fixture, which hangs over the counter. The benches and chairs are in individual colors of red and white.

These design features were created through the partnership of architectural firm, Colkitt and Co. The goal was to create something that would still look timeless in twenty years from now.

You can see the interiors of Influx Cafe for yourself by visiting their Instagram, or by walking inside. Better yet, have a family outing and don’t forget your dog, as Influx is pet friendly:

750 W Fir St #105, San Diego, CA 92101