Jubilee Roasting Co – Colorado

Jubiliee Roasting Co

Do you know about the Year of Jubilee? It’s from days long past when a specific people group was expected to forgive all the debts and set the captives free every 49th year in their nation.

At Jubilee Roasting Company, they believe that emancipation, restoration, and celebration are at the heart of the Year of Jubilee and that these ideals should extend past the 49th year requirement.

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An Incredible Cafe Just Outside of Denver Colorado

This is the incredible story that’s at the heart of everything they do. It’s a spirit of collaboration, community, and of course, great coffee! They’ve been part of the community selling their roasts wholesale since 2015 and opened as a restaurant and community space in 2017.

Known For Their Dedicated Space For Artists

While Jubilee is known for its amazing roasts, they are so much more than your typical coffee roaster. Their location on Kenton Street in Aurora, CO also has a dedicated space for creatives.

Artists, including pottery-makers, can use the space to create whatever their heart desires. This draws in an eclectic crowd of people who enjoy, coffee, art, and making an impact.

You can see people who rent the space creating all kinds of beautiful works of art. Additionally, they offer a free cupping class. The topics are tailored to fit the crowd who show up, and they love to share teach coffee cupping.

Look For the Large Mural On the Outside of Their Building

When you pull up to the building on the Colfax side, you might notice the large mural on the outside of the building. The exterior is covered in art. It’s a lovely feature that sets this coffee roaster apart from the rest.

Inside, you can walk through the coffee cafe to the roasting area and then on to the creative warehouse space where artists have different pieces on display. In the cafe, it feels modern, but not stark.

It has warm tones, white walls, open ceilings, and a variety of seating options including a cushioned bench, tables and chairs, and a couch.

Their Beans Are Sourced From All Over the World

People love the comfortable atmosphere, the focus on emancipation, restoration, and celebration. It permeates everything at Jubilee. The menu includes a selection of house-made roasts, including decaf. The beans come from places all over the world including Peru, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. 

Their Drink Menu Has Classic Choices

Once you select the roast you want, you can have it made into a latte, an espresso, or even a simple Americano. The choice is all yours. They even offer seasonal selections to make your coffee experience the best.

If you dine in, drinks are served in sturdy ceramic cups and they pay close attention to the details to ensure it’s as beautiful as it’s delicious. Order a pastry to go alongside your drink and stay awhile.

Because of their focus on the community. Jubilee Roasting Company offers events, wholesale opportunities, and creative space for artists. Customers love to come to sit and work, do schoolwork, and enjoy meeting people who work at and visit the shop.

They love good coffee as much as they love good people. It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe even make a new friend.


1452 Kenton St, Aurora, CO 80010