Leela European Cafe – Denver CO

Leela European Cafe

Leela European Cafe in downtown Denver is a jack-of-all-trades kind of cafe to come into. It’s a place that can suit you, no matter the atmosphere you are looking for. Open for about eleven years, twenty-four hours a day, this place is an environment offering all sorts of potentials.

Just as a start, there’s a dance floor in the cafe, a bar, and a space where locals attend poetry slam nights as well as enjoy live musicians perform. There is also a full menu to be had, so no matter what food or drink you’re looking for, you can find it at Leela European Cafe!

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Serving Lavazza Coffee, Dance Opportunities and Delicious Food 24 Hours A Day

This cafe’s menu is incredibly extensive, both in terms of food and beverages, with decent pricing overall. As far as coffees, they brew Lavazza drip coffee. There are also numerous espresso beverages, mochas, teas, and other offerings.

Check out their customizable Italian and French sodas, hot chocolate, and juices for a fun drink to try! Spiked coffee drinks, beer, cocktails, and wine are also available at Leela’s. Alcoholic service is offered from 7 am to 2 am, daily.

They Have Alternative Milks For Those With Dietary Restrictions

Almond and soy milks are available to cater to dietary restrictions or preferences. Leela’s food menus are even larger than their beverage menus, ranging from snacks to breakfast items to lunches and dinners.

Breakfast items include specialty omelettes, egg breakfasts, bagels, and more. For lunch or dinner, choose from paninis, baguette sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and soups that rotate seasonally.

Vegetarian and GF Options Available Too

For a vegetarian option, give their veggie burger a try, or remove the cheese and mayo to make it vegan!

Gluten free selections can be found as well. You can enjoy practically anything that your taste buds want, whether it’s a quad shot mocha while you study for an exam or an ice cold beer over a chat with friends.

Enjoy Free WiFi While Sipping On Your Coffee and Lounging On A Comfortable Couch

Inside, there is free WiFi offered for guests, so bring some work or a group of buddies to catch up with while you sip a new favorite. It is a large space, with tall, lofty ceilings that only add to the spacious atmosphere.

However, it doesn’t keep it from feeling warm and inviting, as there are nooks with couches, soft lights, and a great playlist that gives it a coffeehouse feeling.

A Local Favorite For Those Late Nights

There is also outdoor seating available as well, so guests can make use of the warm interior or the patio seating. Street parking is available.

It’s a local favorite, being always open, but it is also a wonderful spot to stop into after a night exploring the city for the first time. Bring any size group along with you, as there is plenty of room to accommodate them!

If you’re looking for an eclectic, hipster environment or one that is way more than your average coffee shop, Leela European Cafe is a great place to stop. With some of the best quality coffee and espresso drinks, as well as a huge selection of food items, there is guaranteed to be something great for every taste offered.


820 15th Street Denver, CO 80202.