Lofty Coffee – Solano Beach

Lofty Coffee - Solano Beach

Lofty Coffee Co. is all at once a coffee service, coffee shop, and bakery. Founded in 2011, they have locations spread across San Diego, California, with each location being different from the next.

Though be it the original indoor cafe location in Encinitas, the Little Italy bakery where they create their line of baked goods, the facility overlooking the Coast Highway where they artistically roast their repertoire of beans, or the coastal community communion point in Solana Beach, the Lofty COffee Co. ethos remains the same.

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Lofty Coffee Philosophy on Great Service

Lofty Coffee has a philosophy spanning three areas of equal importance.  Firstly, there are the faces of the people they serve. Lofty Coffee touts that they need not write customers’ names on cups, as there is no need. They already know the names through their excellent customer service, making customers feel like family.

Lofty Coffee sees itself as a community hub, and this extends itself into their designs. The location in Solana Beach, for example, has no indoor seating.

The result is customers being part of the coastal community outside the coffee shop’s entrance. The business further involves itself in the community by sourcing its ingredients from local organic farms. 

Locally Sourced and Sustainably Sensible

The second component of Lofty’s philosophy is in their commitment to sustainability. Both the local farms that they acquire their ingredients from, as well as the locations from which they source their coffee beans, are sustainably sensible; striving to never negatively impact the land they harvest. 

The third philosophical fundament is what brings in the customers and keeps them in business in the first place: quality. Quality is a part of everything Lofty Coffee does; from their baking, their customer service, and their coffee craft.

Through the use of a Loring S15 Falcon roaster, they employ art, skill, and knowledge in their small-batch roasting process to find the flavor’s sweet spot that varies between coffee origins. 

Lofty Coffee Provides More than Just Coffee!

The beverages that result from this come in forms of espresso, single origin espresso, filtered coffee, as well as separate menus for their teas and craftier coffee beverages, or “Specialty Libations.”

The latter menu features exotic drinks such as an Aztec mocha, Turkish latte, or Kyota-style cold brew.  With a dedicated scratch-bakery, the list of treats is extensive, ranging from croissants and pastries, to more typical lunch and breakfast items, such as sandwiches, salads, artisan toasts, and even poached eggs.

Lofty’s Online Presence is Convenient and Reliable

Lofty Coffee doesn’t claim to serve anything particularly out of the ordinary, but make sure that quality and their best efforts are intact.  As any good coffee roaster does, Lofty sells their roasts, blends, and teas online for those that desire to have them at home.

Taking online sales, a step further, they also offer a subscription service for their coffee beans, where you can pick the frequency and quantity of coffee you receive in a set time period.

Lofty Coffee Location Address:

132 S Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075

If you find yourself intrigued by the process of coffee roasting, Lofty Coffee Co’s Roasting Works location in Encinitas features a window where you can look in on the process for yourself, while enjoying a taste of something turned out by that very machine behind the glass. Find their coffee here: