Logan House Coffee Company – Denver

Logan House Coffee Company

Logan House Coffee Company was founded by owners Andre Janusz and Brooks Gagstetter; the concept began as a home-delivery coffee service and has since morphed into a coffee shop with three locations around Denver, Colorado.

There are two locations in Denver proper, one in Broadway Market and one in Catalyst HTI, in the River North District. [Editor’s Note: Click here to learn about this Jamaican delicacy: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Guide – All You Need To Know! ]

Logan House Coffee Company prides itself on offering locally roasted coffee that is sustainably sourced, bringing the best taste and feeling to the owners and employees, as well as the customers who purchase their products.

While the River North location is only open Monday through Friday, other locations are open on the weekends so customers can access delicious, ethical coffee at any time!

They Offer Cold & Hot Coffee Drinks

Logan House Coffee Company offers a wide variety of coffee and espresso drinks. They offer drip coffee, as well as pour over, for hot coffee and offer regular and nitro cold brews for cold coffee treats.

They have milk alternatives to cater to any dietary needs, as well as homemade drink syrups and flavorings.

Try A Cold Pressed Juice, Seasonal Latte Or an Alcoholic Drink

There is also a selection of cold pressed juices available for purchase, if you are looking for a more refreshing drink.

Seasonal and specialty lattes or coffee drinks are also offered, depending on the season and available offerings. There are also choices of beer, wine, and other mixed drinks, depending on season and availability.

Their Breakfast and Lunch Menu Will Not Disappoint

As far as food, there are tasty options for breakfast and light lunch, as well as anytime snacks or treats. Breakfast burritos and pastries are offered, filled with either chorizo or a green chili vegetarian option. Croissants, including plain, ham and cheese, almond, and chocolate are also favorites to sample!

Other offerings include beer chips, scones, homemade pop tarts, and various cookies. For lunch, there is a daily offering of a meat and cheese plate.

They Have Vegetarian Options Too

There are vegetarian options available, but foods suitable for gluten free and vegan dietary needs may not be readily available at this location.

Both Logan House Coffee Company locations that are in Denver proper are located in food markets, so the environments also offer more selections of food from other vendors.

The Food Is Locally Sourced and Delicous

Being in open food markets, these locations offer plenty outdoor and indoor seating. Along with free WiFi to paying customers.

Between the locations, the Aurora location at the Stanley Market is the most popular as it is the largest. They offer wonderful service, and nearly everything on the menu is homemade or locally made.

One of their priorities is offering fast, friendly service to all customers while offering the best quality in food and drinks available. If you’re wanting an open environment to grab some coffee or breakfast, this is a wonderful spot.

If you’re looking to meet up with friends or use some space to work on your history paper, this is a great place. If you want the best quality coffee that has been sustainably sourced, try Logan House Coffee Company.


The Denver location open seven days a week can be found at 950 Broadway Denver, Colorado 80210.