Lotus and Bean Espresso Bar – Portland

Lotus and Bean Espresso Bar

Lotus and Bean Espresso Bar prides itself on offering Organic Coffee and Loose-Leaf Teas for their customers to enjoy in a warm cafe or on the go towards their next great adventure! The shop offers free WiFi for guests and has a great environment for working or for visiting with friends. Come in your car or on your bike, as there are parking options outside for both kinds of vehicles!

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A Community Based Cafe That Is Environmentally Friendly

Located in the center of the downtown area, the cafe is focused on helping the environment as well, as their to-go cups are compostable and biodegradable.

If you come in here, you can know that you’re taking an active step in saving our planet! Please note, it is closed on Sundays to encourage customers to spend some time with their families away from work for at least one day out of the week!

The Food Menu Includes Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options

On their menu, there are several different food and beverage options to choose from, including vegetarian and gluten free options!

Choose from hot or iced coffees, teas, espresso drinks, or other favorite beverages! Breakfast and lunch options include customizable egg sandwiches, toasts, and bagels.

They Have Seasonal Favorites On Their Drink Menu

For lunch, you can try one of their salads or sandwiches, or look in the cold case for a rotating selection of other foods. There are plenty of tasty local offerings to purchase for a small snack while you’re in the cafe as well.

There are always some great seasonal favorites that guests can taste! Come on in for a Holiday Candy Cane Mocha or a Fall-Themed Apple Chai special!

There Are Milk Alternatives For Those Non-Dairy Coffee Drinkers

Milk alternatives, such as oat, almond, coconut, and soy, are always readily available to suit any dietary needs or preferences.

In addition to food and drinks, Lotus and Bean Espresso Bar also features a line of handmade jewelry pieces, sterling silver and semi-precious! There is a shop on Etsy that features these items so those all over the world can purchase these lovely pieces.

The Cafe Feels Like Home With Couches, Plants and A Warm Atmosphere

Inside the cafe, there are cozy couches, tables for two or four, and bar top or window seating available to best suit any type of gathering you might bring in!

Lively, warm lighting and live plants add a homey feel to the interior, enhanced by drinking your favorite beverage inside from one of their “for here” coffee mugs. On a lovely day outside, take advantage of the offered outdoor seating!

They Offer A Reward Program For The Frequent Customers

Try your hand at one of their daily trivia questions when you’re ordering for a chance at a discount on your favorite drink as well. The cafe also does offer a rewards program for dedicated locals who enjoy their offerings. Sit down alone for a great, quiet space to work or bring your friends to enjoy an afternoon out in a welcoming environment together.

There are plenty of seats and power plugs to go around, so you’ll have all the resources you need – no matter your purpose!

If you’re looking to find a hipster coffee shop feeling that still offers great customer service, Lotus and Bean is a great option! Great food and drinks, an uplifting interior, and friendly staff? What more could you want! Try Lotus and Bean Espresso Bar today!


You can find the shop at 536 SW 3rd Avenue Portland, OR 97204