Lucky Jack Coffee

flavored nitro coffee

As more people consume coffee, and the debate around its benefits becomes more intense, the competition between coffee machine makers also grows.

People need a coffee machine that’s easy to use and brings out high quality coffee. This applies to different types of coffee, including nitro coffee. What is nitro coffee?  If you don’t know, find out!

Lucky Jack coffee is one of the companies that deals with the distribution of organic nitro coffee. Although they are based in Las Vegas, they distribute to other parts of the United States, including Texas, Tennessee, and Utah.

Lucky Jack’s Foundation

The company was founded in 2013, but has since been bought by someone else. It was founded by the same person who founded gourmet coffee and groundwork coffee, something that contributed to its leadership on the market.

It operates around bringing bottles of nitro coffee to consumers, with their organic nitrogen-infused coffee. They also provide other products, such as organic coffee extracts, which can be used to make a wide range of products, like smoothies and shakes.

Company Products

Old School Nitro

This product is made using organic arabica coffee combined with water. This makes it one of the purest coffee products on the market.

It doesn’t have any additives, and is suitable for vegans. With a low calorie count and 2g of carbs, this is one of the healthiest coffees you can find.

Triple Black Nitro

This product is also made with arabica coffee and purified water. It is also made with extra espresso, giving it a double effect. Like other similar products, it has zero sugar levels and a low calorie content.

Sweet Thing Nitro

As the name suggests, this product is sweeter than the rest. It is made using coffee, water, and cane sugar. It has a higher level of calories, but it is still ideal for vegans. It has 15g of carbs and 13g of sugar.

Lean Bean Nitro

Although this product also contains sugar, its content is much lower. In addition to Arabica coffee and water, this product also contains organic sugarcane sugar and organic stevia extract.

Nitro Keg

This is an amazing product for those who prefer to brew their coffee at home. It comes in a small size that’s also portable, making it easier to travel with.

It can be easily carried to various places, including the office. This keg can be used to brew different types of nitro coffee, with all yielding the same result of amazing tasting coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

This coffee is made using a higher concentration of espresso. The trick with this is to get the coffee and water measurements correct when brewing.

For example, 32 ounces of the espresso concentration should be used to produce 10 cups of water. Like other nitro products from Lucky Jack, this product has lower calorie and carb contents.


All of these products are made by the Lucky Jack Coffee Company. This ensures that the high quality is guaranteed, and that the products meet the desirable standards for the consumers.

They purify their own water and source the coffee from different regions. The company ensures that every ingredient is tested thoroughly, guaranteeing their benefits.

The products are healthy, and do not bring about weight gain or health problems. In addition to the products above, they also distribute slow brew concentrate and pure espresso concentrate.