Marigold Coffee – Portland

Marigold Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts and non-java drinkers can agree on one thing: coffee is a great connector. It has the power to connect two strangers in a cafe, nursing a warm cup, at any time of day or night.

Like many other consumer products, it sits at the center of a web of interconnected communities: pickers, importers, shippers, roasters, grocers, coffee houses and customers. Do you know if coffee is toxic to pets?

Features Distinctive and High Quality Roasted Coffees

The proprietors of popular Portland-based coffee shop, Marigold Coffee, understand this better than most. The local roastery is known for featuring distinctive, meticulously roasted coffees that are selected from quality-committed farmers around the globe.

The part that Marigold plays in the procurement and roasting is but one small link in the chain of events that impact the coffee’s quality.

The Owners Created a Non-Profit to Benefit the Poor and Homeless of Portland

Knowing just how many people and livelihoods are intertwined when it comes to getting coffee to Marigold brings with it a sense of responsibility.

This same sense of responsibility prompted Marigold coffee owners Cassy and Joey Gleason to launch Street Roast, a coffee collaboration benefiting Street Roots, a Portland-based nonprofit dedicated to creating opportunity for the poor and homeless.

Each Cup of Coffee Has a Story Behind It

Today, Marigold produces this special line of seasonal offerings that includes two blends and one single-origin coffee, dubbed The Poet, The Messenger and The Artisan. Each of the blends showcases coffee’s power to connect and lead to more stories.

Just one sip of The Poet will transport drinkers to the Andes Mountains of Northern Peru, where the coffee is harvested by a local family business. In this way, Marigold Coffee weaves together the lives of generational coffee drinkers and harvesters.

Their Background in Farming Deepens Their Appreciation and Dedication to the Families Who Farm Their Beans

Shop owners Cassy and Joey come from a West Coast family who have been farming the same land for over a century; as such, they cherish their rich heritage of growing and harvesting food.

Marigold also stays true to this same tradition. The very DNA of the coffee shop is underpinned by a deep appreciation for farming and a dedication to understanding where their coffee comes from.

Their Newest Coffee Source Comes From Guatemala

Wherever they can, they choose to work with like-minded artisans. For example, Marigold’s most recent single origin is Guatemalan, from the family-owned farm, Cooperativa La Asuncion.

The Coop is the latest iteration of the family’s efforts to better commercialize the region’s coffee with the objective of improving the lives of more local families.

The Coffee They Serve is Hard to Find

Marigold Coffee is differentiated by its commitment to serve seasonal, hard-to-find coffees. Taking inspiration from the variety of coffees curated by skilled farmers and coops, the roast company is constantly trying out new items on its menu.

Visitors to the coffee house will be amazed by the novelty of offerings, all of which are underscored by a meticulous roasting methodology that utilizes coffee beans at their most delicious and complex moments.

Anyone on the hunt for a good cup of Joe in a cozy environment won’t be disappointed by one of Portland’s best. Even better – you can rest easy knowing that your coffee purchase is going to a good cause.


Marigold Coffee is located at 2815 Holgate Blvd. It is open from 6AM – 5PM on weekdays, and 7AM-6PM on weekends.