Middle State Coffee – Denver

Middle State Coffee

Modern, bright, fun, and eclectic are just some of the words you can use to describe Middle State Coffee in Denver. CO. They are known for their brightly colored coffee packaging that contains some of the best beans in Denver.

They started out as many coffee shops do as a local roaster with a passion for coffee. But their unique packaging ensures that no matter where you see them, you can’t miss what they are selling.

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Owned and Operated Since 2014 By Two Local Roasters

Middle State Coffee was created in 2014 and is owned by Jay DeRose and Scott Hill. The special packaging made its way onto the scene in 2018. It was a way to have some extra fun with the special roasts they create. It also added a unique flair to the coffee experience.

They moved into a 3,000 square foot location to help them expand their wholesale roasting business and to have more space for customers to stop in and enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

The Space Is Bright and Airy and Feels Like Something Out of NY City

The location had an edgy, urban feel to it with white brick walls, concrete floors, and wood and metal accents throughout. The space is bright and airy with high ceilings that give it more of a New York City industrial loft feel than an urban Denver coffee shop.

The white tones are broken up by green art pieces, lights, and vegetation. The roaster is behind a glass door, so you can see for yourself what it looks like to roast coffee. It’s in a busy location where people can simply wander in off the streets and order a great cup of coffee.

Try Fresh Pastries or Waffles With Your Drink Selection

The baristas are friendly and the coffee is made with care. Whether you want a chai, an espresso, a cortado, or a macchiato, there is something for you. Add your favorite syrup, double up the shots, and make each cup your own.

The menu also includes waffles and a variety of fresh pastries including flaky croissants. They are serious about offering the best delights to go alongside the best coffee. Not sure what will go best with your drink? Just ask the baristas. They are helpful and knowledgeable.

Purchase Swag or Join Their Coffee Subscription

You can also purchase fun gear to show your support of Middle State Coffee. They sell shirts, fanny packs, beanies, stickers, and more. Buy online or in the store.

Get a subscription to ensure you always have a bag of their amazing roasts lying around. You never know when it’ll come in handy. IT’s especially helpful if you can’t come in every day to get your coffee fix in person. Choose from bi-weekly or monthly subscription options.

First and foremost, the people at Middle State Coffee value people. The people that grow the beans, the people that roast the beans, the people that brew the coffee, and the people who buy and consume the coffee.

They strive to take care of the people at each step of the process. It’s all about creating interesting coffee, supporting small farmers, and making the world a better place one cup of coffee at a time.


212 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80223