Miss Zumstein Baker, Coffee Shop, Cakes & Desserts – Portland OR

Miss Zumstein Bakery Coffee Shop Cakes and Desserts

Locals and tourists alike know that Portland, Oregon is a great coffee town. And what goes better with a cup of Joe than a little something sweet?

Cozy neighborhood staple Miss Zumstein Bakery gives customers the best of both worlds, offering an array of high quality seasonal cakes, cookies and desserts, along with their choice of Extracto espresso drinks.

From eggy potato tarts to uniquely spiced carrot cake made with cream cheese frosting, the bakery is a favorite spot for grab-and-go breakfasts and afternoon sweet treats.

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A Swiss-German Influenced Cafe Serving Portland Since 2007

After years spent working as a pastry chef for renowned spots like Castagna and Genoa, proprietor Anja Spence was eager to put her skills to the test by launching a passion project of her own.

Miss Zumstein Bakery opened to the Portland public in 2007, and pays homage to Spence’s Swiss-German background both through its name and its German-inspired offerings.

Their Tasty Treats Are Healthier Versions of Grandma’s Recipes

“Zumstein” comes from Spence’s side of the family that lived close to the Swiss-German border, and evidence of her rich culinary background is everywhere in the shop. In fact, Spence’s grandmother provided the original shortbread recipe still used in the bakery today!

Though she admittedly loves butter (and who doesn’t), Spence creates her food with health in mind. Her doughnuts are baked, not deep fried, and she minimizes sugar in her cooking, by making effort to balance out all her flavors. At Miss Zumstein’s, taste and quality is never compromised.

They Use Seasonal and Sustainable Ingredients

Visitors to the bakery will be delighted by a variety of classic recipes, all of which utilize local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

While the majority are traditional palate pleasers, the bakery rotates its lineup seasonally, catering to customer preferences by changing out the fillings of fan favorite cookies.

Food Items Range From Savory To Sweet

Among the popular menu items are traditional German-style pastries, as well as custom cakes-by-the-slice, like chocolate buttermilk, hazelnut sponge cake, Auntie’s Carrot Cake and old fashioned yellow cake.

Those in the mood for savory foods can sample quiches, potato tarts, muffin tin doughnuts, scones, and – on the weekends – special cinnamon buns made with royal icing.

They Have Coffee, Beer, Wine and Bubbly

Also catering to different taste buds is the drinks menu. Whether you like your carrot cake with wine, beer, bubbly or coffee, you won’t be disappointed.

The bakery’s quaint and charming ambiance is yet another crowd pleaser. Spence enlisted the wood-working skills of her father to give the space a homey and authentic feel.

It’s a Cozy German Style Shop

Much of the wood is reclaimed, imbuing the four walls with a sense of “gemütlichkeit,” the German word for coziness. Early bird customers can soak in morning sunshine from the building’s east-facing front windows – and on hot afternoons, the building shades guests from the heat as they snack out on the sidewalk.

Miss Zumstein’s closest neighbor is the Old Salt Marketplace. An inside door provides easy access to both establishments, combining virtues of a restaurant and meat market. Bakery hours are 7AM-4PM Monday-Wednesday, 7AM-5PM Thursday-Friday, and 8AM-5PM Saturday-Sunday.


Miss Zumstein Bakery is located on 5027 NE 42nd Avenue, off of Alberta, and adjacent to the Old Salt Marketplace.