mmm…COFFEE!! Paleo Bistro – Denver CO

mmm...COFFEE!! Paleo Bistro

Paleo is known as the “caveman diet” or the hunter-gatherer diet. And while it’s unlikely that cavemen drank lattes and espresso roasts, you can enjoy modern Paleo food and delicious caffeinated beverages at mmm…COFFEE! Some of the key features of a Paleo-style diet include the elimination of inflammation-causing grains, dairy, and processed sugar.

This nutrient-based way of eating is sweeping the world by storm. But because of the focus on organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and eggs, it’s challenging to find food, desserts, and beverages on the go if you eat this way regularly.

The great thing about mmm…COFFEE! is their menu chock full of options.

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Health Conscious Cafe That Serves Up the Best Lattes

This Denver Colorado based cafe offers coffee, teas and delicious food. The food menu includes naturally sweetened, grain-free, and gluten-free desserts. They are baked using ingredients such as almond butter, almond meal, raw honey, and even sun butter. Enjoy treats like brownies, muffins, macaroons, grain-free granola, and so much more.

Come For Breakfast or Lunch, It’s All Good!

Customers love the flavorful combinations and even those without food restrictions enjoy eating all the amazing desserts. If you’re staying for lunch, you can feast on menu items such as kale apple salad, house-made soup, tuna wraps, and bacon stuffed dates. Everything is made fresh and uses the highest quality organic ingredients.

They Offer Bulletproof Coffee Along With Other Great Coffee Selections

On the barista menu, you can enjoy caveman favorites such as a cortado, cappuccino, latte, or mmm…BulletCoffee. The bulletproof coffee contains keto favorites grass-fed butter and MCT oil in an Americano. Maybe cavemen didn’t drink coffee, but if you need dairy-free milk options, they have them at mmm…COFFEE!

Dairy-Free Milk Options Available

They offer dairy-free options for your drink. You can substitute almond or coconut milk in your beverage. Try a dirty chai or golden milk if you want something a little different.

This Bright and Fun Cafe Has a Paleo Resource Library

The bistro has an artsy feel with bright, fun colors on the exterior, a cozy courtyard, and bookshelves inside. The walls inside are yellow and gray. There are places to sit indoors and outdoors. It’s the perfect place to meet a friend, have a business lunch, or take a break by yourself. They even have a Paleo resource library to help you learn about how this lifestyle can benefit you.

This is the Nation’s First Grain-Free Restaurant

Derek and Jami Fynboh are the masterminds behind mmm…COFFEE!. They opened their doors more than 7 years ago as the nation’s first grain-free restaurant. They have a passion for creating allergy-friendly dishes that are also delicious.

The Coffee Beans Are Locally Sourced

They serve locally roasted coffee to their customers and enjoy giving the best hospitality. It’s a joy for them to see the smiles on people’s faces when they can enjoy a birthday cake or other dessert out at a restaurant for the first time in years. Customers come from near and far just to try it out. The primal cake is one of the most-loved items on the menu.

At mmm…COFFEE! customers can enjoy Paleo treats and meals made in a 100% gluten-free environment. The coffee is made fresh and with your choice of regular or dairy-free milk.

Whether you eat Paleo because you want to, or because you need to, you’ll love everything they have to offer. It was the first of its kind when they opened and they are still going strong more than 7 years later.


910 Santa Fe Dr, Studio 6, Denver, CO 80204