Mutiny Information Cafe – Denver

Mutiny Information Cafe

Book lovers now have a coffee place that was created just for them. Mutiny Information Cafe combines books, records, and comic books into one convenient location.

They sell both used and new books and offer so much more. Join them for a night of live music, hear from local authors, enjoy magic and comedy shows, and so much more.

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A Unique Cafe Made For People Who Love To Read

It’s a fun and eclectic community cafe that draws in people from all walks of life. People love the unique entertainment and community feel.

At Mutiny Information Cafe they source coffee from a local roaster, Pablo’s Coffee, and they serve espresso drinks, lattes, French press, and so much more. They love to connect with the community and also offer a spicy chai drink from Boulder. Add a shot of your favorite flavor to customize it even more.

Try a Hostess Product With Your Delicious Coffee Drink

They are known for creating the best combinations of flavors. If you want something cold, try a Thai iced tea, a cold brew, or kombucha on draft. Add a delicious pastry to your order. Or try a Hostess cupcake. That’s right, they sell Hostess products including cupcakes, Snoballs, Moonpies, and Twinkies. The selection changes regularly, so visit more than once to try something new.

It’s Easy To Spend Hours In This Cafe That the Community Adores

The bookstore is filled with books on almost any topic. The shelves line the walls of the store and have a homey and comfortable feel. There are eclectic art pieces, unique furniture pieces, and even old-school arcade games. Find your favorite comic book and sit down to read a few pages.

The floors are wood-toned, and the walls that aren’t covered in art are either black, gray, or maroon. The ceilings are also painted black. The exterior has a mural painted in the letters of Mutiny Information Cafe.

It Is Not Your Typical Hipster Coffee Shop

This is not your typical hipster coffee shop. It feels more like an indie record store circa 1992 as opposed to a modern coffee place. It’s a throwback to the raw, edgy, and community-focused places where music, art, and a good book mattered.

It’s a place where people can meet, make new friends, or sit quietly in a corner and watch everyone around you. It’s a sensory experience unlike anything else. It’s easy to find their records and books online if you want to support them, but can’t make it to the store.

They Also Offer Music From All Types of Genres

Mutiny Information Cafe is a place for all people. It has music from all types of bands. It has books from all kinds of authors. It has comic books for kids and kids at heart.

They get a lot of punk bands that use their space, but if you play music and want an audience, just ask. They sell CD’s from local bands and even support other kinds of local performers by giving them a place to share their talent.

While they are a coffee shop, they are so much more than that. If you want a coffee experience that’s edgy and a little punk rock. wander into Mutiny Information Cafe the next time you’re on Broadway in Denver.


2 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209