OK, But First Coffee – Orlando

OK but first Coffee

Not to be confused with the meme sharing and inspiring the name, Ok, But First Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe in Orlando, Florida. In 2016, the location was founded under the LA Sweetz trademark, which is a cupcake and dessert store made famous by the television show, Cupcake Wars. For another cafe suggestion within Orlando, try Axum Coffee!

Ruth Santos Rebranded & Upgraded it in 2018

However, Ruth Santos, the owner of the Orlando location, wanted to double-down on coffee, and in 2018, the shop was rebranded as Ok, But First Coffee. 

More of an upgrade rather than a change, customers familiar with LA Sweetz will not be disappointed when entering the refreshed store, as all of the same baked goods are still for sale.

Serving Up a Variety of Choices to Eat

These include gourmet cupcakes in a wealth of bright colors and designs, a variety of cakes like red velvet, chocolate mousse, and lemon, and more. Extending further, the cafe’s food options also cover salads such as Smoked Salmon and Chicken Pie, and to more hearty sandwiches, quesadillas, and toasts made with bagels, breads, croissants, and loads of meat, vegetables, and fruit. 

Their Coffee Selection Is Very Flavorful

Since the change in name, Ok, But First Coffee serves cafe au laits, cortados, macchiatos, cappuccinos, mochas, espressos, americanos, lattes, chai, matcha, and more. The lattes come in flavored options such as Caramel, Vanilla, Mexican Mocha, Almond Joyful, French Toast, Candy Bar, and changing seasonal selections.

Brazil and Colombian Sourced Coffee

All of Ok’s coffee is sourced from Brazil and Colombia, Brazil being the place where Ruth Santos studied Business Administration. It is part of the cafe’s mission to promote good ethics and quality in everything they do, and they actively strive for the goal of providing the perfect coffee experience, revered within the local community.

This is evident in the customer service provided by baristas who must demonstrate their shared passion for coffee and is easily boosted by the cozy environment of the store.

The Decor is Warm and Educational

A majority of the interior is made up of warm, medium-toned woods, covering the floors, walls, and some tables and chairs. A couple of walls are chalkboard black, with cute, informative drawings about coffee amongst them.

One wall even features a gigantic map of the earth and points out coffee-related facts about different areas.  Lastly, there are a few red and black leather chairs throughout that reflect the warmth and attitude shared by the drinks and desserts the cafe sells.

Dedicated to Providing a Quality Coffee Experience

The focal point inside might be the bright cases that hold the many baked goods, but since the rebranding, it is apparent even on the walls that Ok, But First Coffee presents a dedicated, quality coffee experience.


7535 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, Florida, 32819