Pep Up Coffee – Portland OR

Pep Up Coffee

Have you been looking for a unique coffee experience in the heart of Portland? Pep Up coffee is a 1965 walk up coffee trailer located in the parking lot of Portland Fruit East.

This coffee shop is pretty new, as in they opened their doors about a month ago on October 13th. Reminds me of Sojourners Coffee & Tea in Denver.

The New Kid On The Block is Unique and Creative

Before being a coffee stand, this cute little trailer lived a life of exploration as a camping trailer. It has had a lot of adventuring since it was created in the sixties!

The owners of Pep Up began converting this little trailer into a coffee shop in 2018, with family and friends pitching in to get the job done. Looking at the outcome today, you can see the hard work that has gone into making this dream come true!

It’s a Camping Trailer Turned Into A Successful Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is a little different from most. You walk up to a service window and order, like a food cart, and are free to enjoy your coffee wherever the wind takes you. This trailer has some serious character. The outside is dominated in white, teal and gray paint.

Chalkboard menus add to its homey vibe. This trailer looks (and probably is) ready for a serious camping adventure. You can browse various sticker and swag offerings as you wait for your drink. A visit to this shop is sure to inspire you to start planning your next adventure while you enjoy your coffee.

They Offer Coffee and Non Coffee Selections

The tricky thing with running a coffee shop from a small travel trailer is maintaining the inventory. This shop offers a pretty decent variety of hot and cold drinks, especially considering the size constraints they are working with. You can find different sorts of coffee and non coffee beverages in this stand.

Their Delicious Snacks Change With the Seasons

In addition to some great drinks, you can also find some good snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. Keep an eye out for seasonal changes as they get new festive snacks in for each holiday.

Check Out Their Social Media Platform to Learn More About Them

If you are planning on visiting this shop, you can stop by any day between 6 am and 2 pm to grab a cup of coffee. As this is a very small business, expect for there to be times where they are not open or are open for different hours. They already have a great social media presence, regularly updating about what is happening with the shop. So if you have any questions about hours or what they offer, don’t hesitate to look for them on Facebook or Instagram.

When you visit this shop, not only are you getting some tasty coffee and snacks, but you are also getting a truly unique coffee shop visit! In a world of every growing tiny house popularity, the tiny coffee shop just might be the next big thing. With one location, you will have to head on over to Portland to experience the magic of this cute new shop. You won’t regret it!


Pep Up Coffee can be found at this address: 8040 SE Foster Rd, Portland, Oregon 97206.