Provender – San Francisco CA


Provender Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe in San Francisco, California. Having been open for a few years now, it offers a take on coffee and cafe hospitality that is the product of its owner, Austin Ferrari. He grew up in Cincinnati, and it was there that he worked for Italian restaurants in his early youth.

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No Prior Coffee Experience to Successful Owner

His brother, Tony, was living in San Francisco, and upon paying him a visit, Austin was so inspired by the area’s coffee community that he relocated and opened Provender Coffee. He had no prior experience with coffee; however, he looks at it as most people see wine: an exquisite, fine drink, full of subtle nuances and flavors. 

Serving Andytown Coffee Roasters

Austin also works at his brother’s own Italian restaurant, Hillside Supper Club, and the two work in unison, with Tony even co-owning Provender. Serving the coffee of Andytown Coffee Roasters, the beans are directly and sustainably sourced from farmers throughout the world. What Provender does with the coffee is wholly their own, though.

Come Try Their Famous Maplewood Cold Brew

The most popular beverage is their Maplewood Cold Brew, which is a self-explanatory drink, mixed of cold brew and a smoky, maple-flavored syrup. Further coffee options consist of mochas, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, gibraltar’s, and drip coffee that can be brewed on-site or bought in bags to take home.

They Have a Nice Tea Collection

Not just a side item, Provender also serves a variety of tea from Leaves and Flowers, from loose-leaf options, to chai and matcha. With Austin’s experience mostly pertaining to restaurants, it is no surprise that the food at Provender received accolades and raving reviews across Californian publications.

House-made Pastries and Gourmet Toasts

The main type of food is within their toast bar, which serves gourmet avocado toasts paired with hefty, deluxe assortments of vegetables, fruit, eggs, and just about everything else. For those with a sweet-tooth, there are house-made pastries ranging from cookies, scones, breads, and more.

Take it To-Go or Stay and Get Cozy

All drinks and food are available to-go, if need be, but the interior of Provender presents a cozier environment than many of its competitors.  The idea stems from Italian restaurants yet again, but it works well, as rather than featuring a hyper-clean and minimalistic, perhaps cold space like some other coffee shops.

The inside is rather small, but the wood tones are as warm as their toast, and instead of white-washed walls, there are colorful blues, which carry to the outside.  Provender Coffee seeks to offer people restaurant-type hospitality and provide gourmet tastes of many sorts.


1415 8th St, San Francisco, California