Make Sure To Try These 3 Varieties Of Coffee

If you walk into any store, you will find a variety of coffee brands from different parts of the world, which makes it difficult to choose the best brand.

However, choosing coffee by the region it is grown in is one of the proven ways of finding the best coffee. Regional factors such as climatic conditions, altitudes above sea level, and other unique regional growing conditions affect the taste and quality of coffee beans.

In fact, the taste of the same coffee species grown in different regions varies greatly depending on sun exposure, precipitation, and soil composition.

#1. Kenyan Coffee

Rated as one of the top 5 best coffee varieties in the world, Kenyan coffee has a distinct bright taste, with complex tones of berry and fruit. This coffee is bold, with a full or medium body.

They are wet processed, resulting in potent sweetness, powerful character, exhibiting intense flavors with a winey richness and dry aftertaste. A quality Kenyan coffee is vibrant, and not delicate or subtle.

Kenyan coffee is grown in areas between 1400-2000 meters above sea level, in the areas surrounding Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Range. The characteristic of the area where the coffee is grown makes it qualify for Strictly High Grown (SHG) status.

#2. Brazilian Coffee

enjoy brazilian mug of joe!

The most well-known coffee in the world, Brazilian coffee, is mostly high grown coffee. Brazil is the biggest exporter of coffee, supplying about 1/3 of the world’s coffee. Most high-quality Brazilian coffee blends are from either Brazil Cerrado or Bourbon Santos.

The top Brazilian coffees have a relatively low acidity, and exhibit a nutty sweet flavor. Most unroasted Brazil coffee beans are dry processed, but the Bourbon Santos coffee is wet processed.

However, the biggest attribute that makes Brazil coffee popular is its friendly price. This kind of coffee is used as a key component of a blend.

#3. Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia is the native home of coffee. The coffee is known for its complexity, distinct acidity wildness, and winery quality. Ethiopian coffee is usually sold by regions that include Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, and Harrar.

The top coffee blends include the Ethiopian Djimmah coffee (grown from 4400-6000 feet above sea level), Ethiopian Limu coffee (which grows from 3600 to 6200 feet above sea level), Ghimbi, lekemti, and green coffee beans.


If you would like to enjoy the best coffee flavor in the world, you should go for the coffee that is grown in regions with the best climatic conditions. The best coffee is also carefully grown and well prepared from the farm to the packaging.