Rise Brewing Co.

nitro cold brew coffee

Rise Brewing Co. was started by a group of friends that wanted to create something different for coffee lovers. These four men really love to drink coffee. They wanted to take this passion to a whole new level, and introduce a new coffee drink.

This coffee drink was a cold brew version that was made with Peruvian coffee. Then the four men figured out how to infuse the drink with nitrogen, which really brought out the flavor and texture of this coffee drink. They created an Original Black Nitro blend, which is considered their signature drink.

How Rise Brewing Co. Started

Rise was established in 2015 after Jarrett McGovern, Grant Gyesky, Justin Weinstein, and Hudson Gaines-Ross came up with their Original Black Nitro Blend.

This style of coffee caught on with New Yorkers, and their business began to grow. They opened up their brewery in Connecticut. Once they did, their coffee drinks became a big hit there as well.

Within 2 years, Rise Brewing Co. was available on both the east and west coasts. Grocery stores, retail outlets, and even business vending machines now sell this beverage.

Rise’s Original Black Nitro Blend

In their Rise locations, the company sells their nitro cold brewed coffees from the tap. A person can walk in and order a version of the nitro cold brewed coffee, and get it directly from the tap. This provides a fresh and crisp brewed coffee taste.

Rise’s Original Black Nitro blend is very bold. It has a high caffeine content. This natural caffeine boost will give people more energy throughout their day or evening.

This blend is also low in acid, so it will not easily upset a person’s stomach. It has a naturally sweet taste because of the beans that are used to create the drink.

The water is highly filtered. This is important, because coffee is made up of 90% water. No chemicals or additives are put into this drink.

The nitrogen process also gives this brew a frothy head. Many people consider Rise’s Original Black Nitro a coffee-styled beer, but it is not a beer at all.

Nitro Cold Brew Flavors

Nitro cold brew coffee by Rise comes in different flavors. The original flavor is what most customers know and associate with this company.

The Oat Milk Latte is another favorite, because it has an original taste and it is the only beverage that uses organic oat milk.

Many consumers love the company’s flavors. The Mocha Latte is so flavorful that people find it hard to deny, once they start to consume it.

There is also a blood orange version that the company sells. This particular flavor is a mixture of coffee and blood orange juice. It creates an original coffee flavor that is unlike any other.

There is even a lemonade variety that manages to blend the great taste of lemon with the even better taste of coffee.


Each of these drinks are commonly consumed by people who enjoy different varieties of nitro cold brew coffees. Rise Coffee Co. continues to infiltrate the ever-growing coffee market.

While they are not as big as the chain coffee branches, their unique coffee products are slowly catching on, all over the U.S.