Ristretto Roasters Coffee – Portland OR

Ristretto Roasters Coffee

Ristretto Roasters Coffee is a coffee selling and serving business located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2005 by owner Din Johnson, Ristretto has had an interesting history. It is a coffee shop that has strived to survive through tumultuous social media controversy in 2019.

There are 2 Locations Serving the Portland Area

Prior to this year, Ristretto supported four separate locations, but it is currently down to two. Nevertheless, the business remains intact, as do the core facets that have kept it afloat for over a decade. Just in case if you’re looking for something different, you can check out our new Sumatran coffee reviews here.

They Source Their Beans from Central and South America

Ristretto Roasters Coffee sources their beans from Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil, and more places of similar climate. They work directly with the farmers who produce their beans, and Din Johnson himself has made personal trips to survey the farms and their working conditions.

The beans they acquire are sustainably harvested and sourced, and green in nature, with Ristretto being fully invested in the third wave coffee movement.

You Can Purchase Their Beans Online

Upon receiving the beans, they roast them using a vintage UG-22 Probat roaster. The roasts and blends they make are sold online, shipped fast and fresh, as well as through wholesale partnership with local businesses.

At Ristretto’s cafes, there are a handful of beverages with added mixes of flavor, such as cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, and macchiatos, but the majority of their beverage menu consists of their many straight coffee roasts and espresso.

They Specialize in Medium Roasts

Whereas many coffee shops serve a lot of dark roasts, Ristretto specializes in medium roasts. They do serve a few dark and light roasts, but most are medium, and the selections are ever changing, as Ristretto sources specific coffees in accordance with the seasons.

They Offer Other Beverages & Locally Sourced Baked Goods

Rounding out the menu is a small selection of teas, matcha and chai, cold brew, and baked goods provided from partnerships with local businesses such as Kim Boyce’s Bake Shop and Nuvrei Bakery.

These come in forms of cookies, scones, and more, and are served within environments that, depending on which location a customer chooses to visit, are engulfed in sleek whites or warm woods.

Community Outreach for the Win

Ristretto involves itself in the community with its bakery and wholesale partnerships, but also through the events that it hosts. Public cuppings can be attended routinely, among other events such as painting nights, artist features, and pumpkin carvings when Halloween nears.

Final Thoughts

Ristretto Roasters Coffee has its own firm, unique identity. Their specialized blends are what they offer because they have specifically decided to, and while some parts of their identity have cost them in recent times, they remain to serve quality third wave coffee.


222 SW Colombia St, or 3808 N Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon.