Rivers & Roads Coffee – Denver

Rivers and Roads Coffee_Denver

In the western region of America lies the breathtaking state of Colorado. Traveling around the state, going sight-seeing, climbing mountains, and learning about the past and present of the state is bound to make you take long trips that sometimes last for hours. The trips are sure to make you find the nearest pit stop. The Bard Shop in Denver, CO is another cool spot to check out.

It’s a Cozy 5 Star Diner

One of which is the River & Roads coffee shop in Denver. This coffee shop is a cozy diner that keeps love and family its top priority. With its 5 star rating on Yelp and Facebook, it’s sure to please many, but is it really worth stopping at?

The Owners Believe in Community and Uplifting People

The founders of River & Roads couple Desiree and Michael Keen believe in uplifting people and bringing communities together. They successfully made their dreams and beliefs a reality with their close knit, convivial coffee shop. With the “Love Above All Else” slogan, they’ve worked hard to bring communities, family, and friends together. On the second Thursday of every month they have a family dinner that last from 6-8pm is a perfect example of their family and friends first policy.

They Bake Their Own Goods

You can spruce up this stop with their tasty, detailed coffee that they themselves roast to perfection and serve at only the best of qualities! They bake their own bread and pastries that make up their ‘made from scratch’ menu with salads, cookies, muffins, sandwiches, among other sweet foods!

They Offer GF, Non-Dairy, Vegan & Paleo Options

Their rotation selection menu is the best way to taste a little bit of everything! It will give you the perfect opportunity to experience a wide range of flavors! The coffee shop stands out from the rest with their unique gluten-free menu.

They also offer dairy-free, vegan, and paleo options. They’re dedicated to serving any meal, any way you desire. The healthily sweet menu has pleasantries and goods at affordable prices for anyone and everyone to enjoy! The lovely treats can only be found in Denver!

The Coffee and Customer Service is the Best in Town

With the fantastic range of foods, the fresh coffee, lively environment and a modern interior, you’re bound to create many happy and fun memories at the River & Roads coffee house. The owners and staff are always looking for more ways to ensure your comfort and make sure you get enough energy for all the trips ahead. The customer service is great, if you need anything, they’ll be sure you receive it! No request it too big or too small for these family-oriented folks!

If you’re a Denver local than you’re in luck, this delightful coffee house is open from 7am to 3pm on weekdays. Drop by for a morning coffee before you seize the day at work or come by on your lunch break and get a taste of the love these people include in every treat, snack, and beverage. If you need some power during the weekend, the coffee is open from 8am to 3pm, isn’t that awesome?! This warm, welcoming coffee house is located in Denver, Colorado! The next time you’re in Denver, take a stop at this lovely coffee house. You won’t regret it!


2549 Bruce Randolph Avenue, Denver CO