Roostercat Coffee Too Company – Denver CO

Roostercat Coffee Too Company

Roostercat Coffee Too Company is a coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado. The name might sound odd, but it was originally simply known as Roostercat Coffee House, or Roostercat Coffee Company. Having been originally founded in 2012, the business was doing well enough to support two locations and was about to expand to a third. However, in 2018, the entire company shut down.

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Founded in 2012 and Given a New Lease on Life in 2018

Fortunately for its customers and staff, Bryan Irwin was a willing and passionate entrepreneur who offered to buy the company. Only a month after having closed, Roosetercat was given a new lease on life. Having been such a fan of the business, Irwin kept everything the same, except for the name.

They Roasts Their Own Beans and Are Well Known For It

The Roostercat name was originally created with humor in mind, but the “Too” was added upon its reopening. The first of the established locations still stands, as does the roastery, where Roostercat roasts their beans in mostly light to medium styles, despite having been included on lists for having the best dark roast in Denver.

They Offer Coffee and Traditional Pastries

When the cafe began, it was selling food as well, but soon after dismissed the practice, as it was taking too much time and effort away from the true focus: coffee. Nevertheless, Roostercat still serves standard coffee shop pastries, such as bagels and scones, but these can be prepared in advance so as not to disrupt beverage orders.

The Coffee Selections Range From Lattes to Nitro Cold Brew

The coffee comes in forms of lattes, americanos, drip coffee, nitro cold brew, cappuccinos, and specialty lattes. An example of these is the Dark Cloud, which is a dark chocolate mocha with hazelnut syrup. Syrups are vital to the unique offerings of Roostercat, allowing customers to transform a latte into a blueberry lavender latte, for example.

This Cafe is Open Until Midnight

The cafe’s now sole location in Capitol Hill features a more laid back and cozy environment than a typical coffee shop, with brick walls, dark wood floors, and booths. An aspect of the cafe that sets it further apart from most others is that it is open until midnight.

Late Nights Consist of Movie Nights, Open Mic Night, Game Nights and More

The late-night hours were a particular trait that its new owner liked about the business, as it allowed for a broader customer base, and because of the unique events the business can afford to offer, such as movie nights, open mic nights, game nights, and more.

Despite having been founded with a humorous name, Roosecat Coffee Too Company has served quality-enough products to survive what could have been its end and created both flavorful drinks and passionate customers in the process.


1045 Lincoln St, Denver, Colorado, 80203