Saint Frank Coffee – San Francisco

Saint Frank Coffee

Saint Frank Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and server with cafes located in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2013 by Kevin Bohlin, but named after both the city it is in, and a person whom they share their values with. “San Francisco” is Spanish for Saint Francis, and put more stoutly, Saint Frank. Quality Sumatra beans reading here.

A Cafe Named After a Saint

He was a man that saw the value in all things, and respected it. Be it the trees, people, or anything else around him, it was all worthy of his time and attention. Saint Frank Coffee has carried this forward in every way they can, but most importantly through their coffee. 

6 Years In the Making and 4 Locations

Saint Frank sees itself as the last step in a process, and not the originator of the coffee’s quality. They would say that their job is simply to not screw it up. Its easy to note that they haven’t, as in the six years since the business’s birth, there are now four locations, with one of them being within Facebook’s headquarters, sold exclusively to Facebook employees. 

At their locations, customers can sip on espresso and made-to-order pourovers, as well as a handful of flavored beverages, such as macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and an always-changing array of signature drinks.

Their Seasonal Specialty Drinks are Popular

These tend to change with the seasons, and have been known to include orange lavender lattes, almond macadamia cappuccinos, and winter spice hot chocolates. As a specialty coffee roaster, their quality comes in the subtle notes in black coffees, and Saint Frank offers a coffee tasting flight for those that want to try a few at a time. 

Sourcing Beans Right From the Farmers

Saint Frank sources their coffees directly from poor, disadvantaged, tropical mountainous areas. They note that the term “direct” is abused within the industry, as shops tend to only mean that they do not use any importers, and get their beans shipped from the farms that produce them.

However, Saint Frank uses true direct sourcing, meaning they travel firsthand to the areas, befriend the farmers, make deals with them personally, and establish long term commitments to them.

In the way of the man they are named after, they do not treat coffee as a commodity. It is not something to be carelessly imported in bulk like a metal or wood resource. Saint Frank cares about every step in the process, and every flavor involved in the beans.

Likewise, they care about the farmers and their customers as well. To try the laboriously grown, specialty coffees of Saint Frank Coffee, visit them at the Facebook office if you work there, or their other locations listed below.  


2340 Polk St and 1081 Mission St, San Francisco, California, or 1018 Alma St, Menlo Park, California