Saint Simon Coffee Company – Portland

Saint Simon Coffee Co

Walk down the strip of NE Broadway in Portland, Oregon, and you may pass a brief span of three windows. The furthest left reads “Patrons of Fine,” and the furthest right finishes with “Handcrafted Coffee.” Put these two together and you have the shop that has emblazoned its brand on the middle window: Saint Simon Coffee Company.  You can find the best Sumatra coffee here.

A Popular Small but Quality Cafe

Founded as recently as 2014, Saint Simon is a fairly new face to the Portland coffee community, but it has partnered itself with well-established businesses that are already familiar with locals. Through the partnership and sale of Coava Coffee, Steve Smith teas, and pastries from Sugar Cube, Saint Simon Coffee Co. has formed its own small but quality cafe.

The first thing to know about Saint Simon is that it is a relatively small space, not adorned with too many tables and chairs, though they do exist, but rather a bench and a bar loaded with stools that sit along a couple of walls inside. This is no condemning factor though. Saint Simon is all about the small things; the subtleties. 

The Brock Brothers Deliver the Brew

Owned by three Brock brothers, it ironically offers a three-bottle buffet that is the cold-brew flight. Using the three blends and roasts that are offered on any particular day, customers can order a cold-brew flight and receive all three in separate pre-frozen bottles with ice cemented to the bottom.

Much like at a brewery, the point is to take in the subtle differences between the three. This is at the core of Saint Simon’s experience. The cold-brew flight is not essential in itself but is a representation of the standard set here.

Try a Cold Brew Flight While it is in Season

Coava Coffee is wholeheartedly invested in producing high-quality roasts, and this extends itself to the products at Saint Simon. Beyond the cold-brew flight, which is replaced during the holidays with seasonal drinks, Saint Simon serves espresso, macchiatos, lattes, americanos, mochas, cappuccinos, and standard drip coffees in various roast options.

Customers can customize these with soy, almond, and hemp milk, as well as extra espresso shots or by adding vanilla and honey. The teas come in an array of looseleaf blends, but also as chai and matcha lattes, and sparkling tea. The baked goods from Sugar Cube come in forms of cookies, croissants, rolls, baguettes, muffins, and more. 

Coffee Owners by Day and Indie Band by Night

If you want to try dining-in at Saint Simon, you be greeted with a selection of indie-pop music, accordingly, picked by its owners, who are all members of the indie band, Red Band.

Along with the music, you’ll find rather minimal, modern decor, such as the taxidermy deer head mounted on the wall, and the mostly wooden walls, floors, and counter.

Saint Simon Coffee Co. presents a welcoming atmosphere, and though the name is actually inspired by a song, the smiling logo that is a side picture of an actual Saint Simon adds to the welcoming demeanor. 

So, whether you want to try your taste buds with a sample of exotic Coava Coffee, sips some teas, or plunge through some pastries, Saint Simon Coffee Company strives to offer a hip and quality choice.


2005 NE Broadway, Portland, Oregon, 97232.