Se7en Bites Coffee Shop – Orlando FL

Se7en Bites Coffee Shop - Orlando FL

If you are in Orlando, Florida, you have to check into Se7en Bites Coffee Shop for a delightful taste of southern deliciousness. It is a place to put your taste buds to the test as you experience the menu’s different meals.

Founding and History of Se7en Bites

Located in Orlando’s Milk District, this eatery is the brainchild of Trina Gregory, who doubles up as its owner and chef. Trina owes her grandmother for her culinary skills, as she is the one who introduced her to baking. Se7en Bites is currently in its seventh year, and part of its growth process was moving to a larger place; its current location. The eatery involves itself in charity events and invites its patrons to give back to the Orlando community. By the way, for interesting coffee options like the civet cat poop coffee, have a read here. You can also learn What is French Press Coffee here as well.

The Coffee & Food Menu Will Not Disappoint

One of the amazing things about this coffee shop is the diverse menu, encompassing breakfast, lunch, and snacks. For breakfast, you can try out their various coffee mugs to kick-start your day. They offer cold brew and hot coffee selections. Pair a nice cup of joe with one of their amazing specialty breakfasts. You will surely walk away from this establishment delighted and already planning your return.

Breakfast Menu has Southern Deliciousness Written All Over It

You can decide on a light breakfast note and accompany your coffee with a sweet cream scone, coffee cake, or muffins. You can also go heavy on the breakfast, with a variety to choose from, introducing you to southern cuisine. There is the 3 Little Pigs, consisting of buttermilk garlic biscuit, baked egg and ham, pimento cheese, and creamy sausage gravy.

There is also the 7 Platter, where you have eggs, your preferred scratch-made sausages, grit, buttermilk garlic biscuits, and smoked bacon or crisped green tomatoes. You can wash either of the two or other breakfast servings with a beverage of your choice.

As a coffee shop, it does not disappoint with the available beverages to soothe you. You can have an espresso, cappuccino, iced cappuccino, latte, and tea.

It is a Popular Spot for Lunch

If you pass by this Orlando eatery for lunch, expect a culinary adventure that you won’t forget. A recommendable plate to have for a fulfilling daytime meal is the Southern Cuban. This dish consists of slow-roasted pulled pork served with honey ham, fried pickles, Swiss cheese, with a side of plantain chips. Have it with South Carolina mustard BBQ sauce, and you will want to lick your fingers after the meal.

You can chase your lunch with the vast assortment of drinks such as the cigar jai jai, house blackberry sangria, or the orange blossom pilsner.

Quality of Service

Se7en Bites Coffee shop has a fast-paced service, with an excellent organization from the patio to the inside. You may find a long line at times, but the speedy staff will ensure you get your order in time. You cannot smoke within the premises for the comfort of other patrons. You can bring along your pets, but ensure they are on a leash at all times.

This food joint will also offer catering services if you have a wedding, birthday, or any other event you are holding.

Final Thoughts

Finding a decent food and coffee joint is a hard task, especially if you are new to the area. If you are in Orlando, head to 617 N Primrose Drive, and you will come across one of the best eateries that will give you a touch of southern comfort food.

Check-in for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or a quick drink and appreciate the great service from Se7en Bites Coffee Shop.


617 N Primrose Dr, Orlando, FL 32803-5016