Sightglass Coffee – San Francisco

sightglass coffee

Sightglass Coffee is a coffee roasting and serving company in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2009 by the brothers Justin and Jerad Morrison, originally starting as a coffee cart operating out of a warehouse.

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Started as a Coffee Cart

A couple years later, the cart blossomed and took over the warehouse as a whole, eventually becoming Sightglass’s staple location and headquarters. Now ten years after it was founded, Sightglass supports five locations, and a sixth is poised to open in October, with a kitchen to make their own food in.

None of the current locations include their own kitchen, but each has notable differences.  Each spot has a different environment, but a few even have exclusively sourced coffees.

The SOMA District Location is the Original

The SOMA District space was the original warehouse, and these days holds many amenities, such as the vintage Probat roaster with the viewing window the company fashioned their name from, a wealth of seating for the community to gather amongst, coffee brewing that customers can watch firsthand, and an affogato bar, which Sightglass says is the first of its kind in the city.

The Mission District Location Serves Different Coffee

The Mission District location keeps different coffees than the other locations, serving single origin espresso within its redwood-sapwood made store. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Sightglass operates a coffee-cart/kiosk at the San Francisco Farmer’s Market. Here they serve pourovers, espresso, single-origin coffee, and wholesale beans, amongst a wealth of food-selling neighbors. 

The Divisadero Store is Quick & Convenient

Found in the middle of the city is the Divisadero store, with furnishings made from Monterey Cypress trees, and a unique “walk-up” window that aims to create convenience for customers trying to grab a quick cup before walking over to the nearby bus stop.

The Location Knowns as SFMOMA is Located in the Museum

The fifth location is unique in that it is located on the third floor of a museum, properly named SFMOMA, after the museum’s initials. The conveniently located exhibits add to the experience, and customers can get nitro cold brew on tap, among other drinks, to wander the museum with. 

They Use Only Green Coffee Sourced From Around the World

All Sightglass coffee is green and sourced from all around the world. Sightglass stresses that to have a full coffee experience, it is worth knowing about where it comes from, and they talk in depth about this in their online blog.

They also offer a full experience in some of their coffee that is not particularly common, in that it is naturally processed, meaning that the berry is not scraped off before roasting, adding an intense fruity flavor. You can try this coffee, known as Yetetabe Natural.


270 7th St, 3014 20th St, 1 Ferry Building, 301 Divisadero St, or 151 3rd St, San Francisco, California