Simple. Local. Coffee – Portland OR

Simple Local Coffee

Simple Local Coffee was founded in 2014 and has been a local favorite ever since. The cafe has exposed brick walls, warm tones, and plenty of seating.

They have exposed beams on the ceiling, high back comfy chairs in cozy nooks, tables and chairs, and places to stand and mingle. The coffee bar is a modern and clean feeling space, with a touch of history.

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This Warm and Cozy Cafe Has a Staff That Will Make Your Day Better

Learn about the different historic elements of the building at Simple Local Coffee. Large windows let in a lot of natural light. The space is overall warm and inviting. The friendly staff greets you with a smile to take your order.

Their Drink Menu Has Many Delicious & Unique Choices

You’ll find things like soy honey lattes, caramel lattes, grapefruit soda, and even a chai latte on the menu. They want to be sure you love your drinks and they make each one meet your needs. If you dine in, they serve everything in cute mugs and even create fun designs in the foam.

They Serve Decaf Options and Kombucha On the Menu

If you want a decaffeinated drink, try a hot chocolate or a fizzy kombucha. There is always something special. Some of their specialty drinks include peppermint mocha, cinnamon lattes, and hazelnut caramel lattes. Not sure what looks good? Just ask a barista. The crew at Simple Local Coffee can suggest any number of beverages to meet your caffeine needs.

Come For Breakfast or Lunch.

Need a bite to eat? Try a ham and swiss turnover for a filling lunch or brunch option. Want something sweet instead? Try a turnover, a scone, or a muffin. The food is made fresh daily and locals love to check out what’s new.

For lunch, you can even enjoy hot soup and fresh baguette sandwiches until they run out. The owner is almost always available, serving customers, and helping to create a great coffee experience. While the shop is small, they do work hard to move the line quickly.

A Great Place to Meet a Friend or Do Work All Day

There is an upstairs seating area with a dartboard that makes it a fun place to hang out. Grab a seat with a friend or make a new one. It’s a great place to go when you need a spot with WiFi to get work done. Order a drink, find a spot, and get to work. The friendly and upbeat atmosphere is great for getting things done. When you’re done working, it’s in the perfect location to step outside and go for a walk. It’s right across from the waterfront.

Customers enjoy the great coffee, the great food, and the great people who visit Simple Local Coffee. Whether you need caffeine, a burst of summery freshness with a hand-squeezed lemonade, or fizzy kombucha, there is something for everyone on the menu.

Pair your drinks with a pastry, sandwich, or soup and you have the best little meal. It’s housed in a historic building filled with hidden gems. Learn all about the history of various artifacts and the surrounding area. It’s a spacious and hip little spot that neighbors and visitors love to frequent.


115 SW Ash Street Portland, OR 97204