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Spur Coffee Denver CO

Spur Coffee is a business with a very interesting history. Spur Coffee officially opened in 2012, but before that, it was a branding and design company simply named Spur. Its owners, Marcel, Tandi, and Tyler Venter, hail from Johannesburg, South Africa, and since establishing their first business in the United States, their world has been constantly evolving. If Sumatra coffee is your jam, read our updated guide here.

A Design Store Turns Into a Coffee Shop

Spur Coffee is dedicated to providing the utmost welcoming and hospitable customer service possible, and this is because this same characteristic and way of being is held by its owners. They literally jumped into the coffee industry because people kept mistaking their design store for a coffee shop.

The constant guilt of turning people away unsatisfied led to asking themselves, “Why not?”  Ever since, the business aspects of Spur Coffee have been growing in responsibility, and this is by choice. Formerly, they used to work with distributors to acquire their pre-roasted beans.

They Learned How to Roast Their Own Beans

These days, they are working directly with farmers, and even roast their own beans. These were processes that they originally knew nothing about, but they are learning as they go, and it is paying off.

Spur Coffee has expanded beyond its original cafe to include yet another, as well as the separate location that is home to their roastery.  With experience in design, it is no surprise that their cafes are of high quality designs. With a focus on natural light, or rather the lack of needed artificial light, three walls are made up almost entirely of windows.

The Decor has a South African Feel

Inside, there are real plants placed throughout, and modern design aspects such as a focus on white coloring and warm wood-grain accents. Decor is dispersed in the forms of sleek welcoming signs and curious but simple and effective artwork that is slightly reminiscent of South Africa placed in intervals along the walls. 

With the expanding amenities and attributes of Spur’s business, there are plans to serve things they don’t currently offer, such as alcohol, but for now they serve the mandatory standards of quality coffee shops.

All of their coffees and food ingredients come from sustainably-focused sources, and they directly ensure this; but firstly, there is the coffee. Coming in forms of espresso, macchiatos, lattes, and americanos, these drinks are finely tuned for flavor.

Their Non-Coffee Drinks are Very Popular

However, Spur’s specialty actually lies in non-coffee beverages, including chai and matcha lattes and teas, but most notably the “Red Tea Lemonade aka The Greyton,” which consists of caffeine free rooibos tea with added masala spices, lemonade, and fresh mint. 

The food is made in-house, and is divided between sweet, savory, sandwiches, and salads. Savory includes frittatas, avocado toast, and hummus plates, while sweet smoothie, oatmeal, and granola bowls, as well as assorted pastries.

Each Location Offers Something Different

The sandwiches and salads are prime for breakfast or lunch, or simply as a snack with your beverage of choice. These options are slightly limited at the first Spur Coffee location in Littleton, as the newer location has a larger kitchen.

This growth points toward an exciting future though. Spur Coffee will continue to make additions in size and servings, but in the meantime, go check out one of their 2 locations.


5624 S Prince St. or 95 N Lincoln St, Denver, Colorado, 80203.