Stardust Video and Coffee – Orlando

Stardust Video and Coffee

Stardust Video and Coffee is a multifaceted shop in Orlando, Florida. It was opened in March of 1999 by Katherine and Brett Bennett, and as the name implies, it initially began as a place that rented out DVDs and sold coffee. For the best Costa Rican coffee recommendations, check out our list.

Grab a Coffee & a DVD

As is widely known, video rental stores have fallen away due to low demand and the arrival of video streaming services. However, Stardust still offers DVDs for rent, as they note how there are far more options than what Netflix offers, and are relatively unaffected by the lack of business in that area, as over time, they have adapted to become a store that practically does it all. 

Their Coffee Methods are Traditional

Stardust still offers coffee as well, and they offer a surprising amount of methods and options. Black coffee can be purchased in drip, french press, pourover, and iced forms.

They Offer a Variety of Flavors

Espresso based beverages come as mochas, lattes, macchiatos, con panna, cappuccinos, and espresso either straight or with added milk, water, foam, or cream. A variety of flavors can be added, such as rose, toffee nut, peanut butter, mint, hazelnut, and more. 

One way Stardust has evolved over time is in their beverage selection, which these days includes tea, beer, and liquor. Beer was added in the early 2000’s and their dedicated Scotch bar in 2010.

It is a Popular Hangout

With the hours of operation spanning 7 a.m. to midnight during the week, and opening an hour later on the weekend, Stardust has transformed into a popular hangout. The interior is often decorated to fit the current season, though always loaded with old pictures, a photo booth, and a wealth of tables and chairs, where people can enjoy their drinks, a book from the used-book shelf, or any of the food Stardust serves.

The attitude of Stardust is apparent in the names of all of their food, such as the self-explanatory “Best Boring Waffle,” or the “Simon’s Name Tag,” which is a form of caesar salad. 

Stardust Holds Special Events All Week Long

The last thing to note about Stardust is that they are welcoming not just to their customers, but to many different events. Every Monday, their parking lot hosts the Audubon Park Market, where people can buy groceries and listen to live music. Trivia night and art events are just some of the other happenings that Stardust hosts.

It has come a long way from its origins, though it has not lost sight of them. To enjoy a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, indulge in sarcastically named foods, experience nostalgia by renting a DVD, or to perhaps rent one for the very first time, visit Stardust Video and Coffee.  


1842 E Winter Park Rd, Orlando, Florida, 32803