Steam Espresso Bar – Denver CO

Steam Espresso Bar

Steam Espresso Bar is a coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in April of 2013 by two coffee-loving, twin brothers, Zhani and Hani Yaafouri. They established the business with the goal of serving premium coffee, but while doing so, they have also transpired to create a photogenic cafe, popular for its look and feel.

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Family Owned Cafe Since 2013

It is important to note that the sole location Steam Espresso operates was formerly the site of a photography studio. Fittingly, the almost minimalist decor includes a handful of framed pictures and a few plants, hung on the brick and white-painted walls and sat atop the surfaces of reclaimed materials.

It’s an Eco-Friendly Cafe

The bar is made of concrete, but the tables are made of refashioned boxcars. The eco-friendly design practices flow into their coffee sourcing as well. Steam Espresso only sources beans harvested and procured with sustainable means.

They Have a Partnership With Boxcar Coffee Roasters

They do not roast their own beans, opting instead to supply the products of micro-roasters, which considering the box-car tables, coincidentally has led to the partnership with the local Boxcar Coffee Roasters.

Their products meet all of Steam Espresso’s requirements, and once in-hand, Steam fashions them into espressos, pour-overs, drip coffee, macchiatos, mochas, cortados, cold brew, lattes, and cappuccinos. These are modest, standard options, but Steam Espresso emphasizes the quality of their brewing, and the sustainable, environmentally-friendly nature of the coffee.

They Serve More Than Just Coffee

Beyond coffee, Steam Espresso serves hot chocolate, chai, kombucha, and juice, but more substantially, a large roster of baked goods, all provided by Trompeau Bakery. These cover a wide range, with options such as bagels, donuts, various flavor-filled croissants, rolls, scones, and even full-blown cakes.

Everything They Serve is Gourmet and High Quality

All of the goods offered at Steam Espresso Bar are gourmet and high-quality, and while they can be enjoyed within the photo-brandishing shop, they can also be enjoyed in the perhaps even more picturesque, widely regarded back patio.

Enjoy a Delicious Coffee in a Picture Perfect Atmosphere

More like a backyard than a simple patio, the most unique feature is the sections of what was once an airplane, that people can now walk through. More tables and chairs can be found here under shade-providing umbrellas, but the surrounding wood is instead a number of large trees, rather than a roof and floor, and accompanied by a large expanse of grass lawn.

The patio is an often-noted feature within the write-ups and reviews Steam Espresso Bar receives, but whether you attend the cafe for its Instagram-worthy quality, or for their environmentally-centered beverages and wide-array of pastries, you will leave satisfied.


1801 S Pearl St, Denver, Colorado, 80210