Strong, Smart & Bold Beans – Denver

Strong, Smart and Bold Beans

Excellent service, an enjoyable atmosphere, and community-based intentions that is what Strong, Smart, & Bold Beans is all about. The magic all started in 2015 when Strong, Smart, & Bold Beans came into existence.

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver entirely operates this coffee shop, and they had a mission and goal to not only create an emotional and memorable first job experience for the girls but also make them learn a lot more than just the menu items and how to talk to customers.

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A Coffee Shop With A Purpose and a Cause

They wanted to bring more opportunities and knowledge to girls who are interested in learning about entrepreneurship, profit and loss, inventory management, social enterprise, and how running a small business works.

Ultimately, Strong, Smart, & Bold Beans purpose more than just about gaining a profit, and it is about making coffee for a cause and to make a difference in a young girl’s life.

It Has an Industrial Feel and Comfortable Lounging Options

Strong, Smart, & Bold Beans is homed in an industrial original brick building. The interior of the space is filled and covered with character and charm with their exposed white brick walls and raw brown ceiling beams.

The variety of furniture allows customers to switch up their coffee going experience whether they want to lounge on a sofa, lay back in a leather chair, or get some work done at a communal high bar table.

There Is Outdoor Seating & Free WiFi

But if you do not want to sit indoors, they also have outdoor seating. Whichever seating option you decide, know that there is free available WIFI for all your productivity needs, whether you need to study, work, or scroll through social media.

All you have to worry about is enjoying the low-key environment created for you to have a memorable and pleasant experience.

They Offer Milk Alternatives, Breakfast & Lunch Options

They offer a variety of coffee, espresso beverages, and tea like lavender pistachio latte, hot chocolate, London fog, or chai latte. And, attention all vegans, they do have a variety of milk alternatives to choose from like soy or almond milk.

But they also have a variety of prepackaged salads, breakfast sandwiches, and grilled paninis that can satisfy any hunger craving.

Feel Free to Buy Any of Their Locally Roasted Coffee To Go

If you cannot get enough of their coffee, they also sell their locally roasted coffee like the Holiday Blend, Guatemala Blend, or River-Rock Dark-Roast Blend, or Costa Rica Blend.

Or, if you are more into tea, they also sell Teakoe Iced Tea and Full Leaf Tea Sachets. Whatever roast or tea you prefer, you can take it home or leave it at the office for you to enjoy.

Buy Some Swag To Support the Cause

And if you want to do more to support the cause than buying a coffee or food item you can purchase a variety of coffee gifts with the Strong, Smart, & Bold Beans and Girls Inc. of Metro Denver brandings like red, white, or black coffee tumblers, bistro mugs, or a “Buy coffee. Support girls.” tee-shirt.

So, if you want an exceptional cup of coffee, but also want to help and support a fantastic cause come on by Strong, Smart, & Bold Beans location at STEAM on the Platte development.


1401 Zuni Street, Denver CO 80204