Tenn Street Coffee – Denver CO

Tenn Street Coffee

Tenn Street Coffee and Books, located in Denver, Colorado, is famous for their multiple amazing offerings: coffee, tea, books, and art. Their website refers to it as an espresso and art cafe, so lovers of all things beautiful and delicious are sure to enjoy a stop at Tenn Street.

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A Must-Visit Cafe Serving Coffee To Denver For Over 10 Years

Open seven days a week, this cafe serves locally roasted DAZBOG and MIDDLESTATE coffees proudly, while brewing up ADAGIO teas and stocking pastries from other local bakeries. Its doors have been open just over fourteen years, and it’s a local and tourist must-visit destination if you’re in Denver for any reason.

Their Drink Menu Varies From Delicious Coffee Drinks, Protein Shakes and Kombucha.

On the menu at Tenn Street, there are plenty of tasty drinks to choose from. Between brewed coffee, espresso delights, premium teas, frappes and smoothies, or protein shakes, you can find something wonderful to enjoy no matter what you’re in the mood for on any given day.

Milk alternatives, including soy, almond, and coconut milks, are available to tailor drinks to any diet preference.

If Lattes Are Your Jam Then This Place Is For You

Most notably, there is a special menu of tea lattes if you are looking to try something a little out of the ordinary. Kombucha and juices are also in the cafe, so guests can enjoy these as well. Different seasonal drink offerings are available as well.

There’s Food For Everyone – V, GF & Veg

Their food offerings include breakfast, lunch, and snack items, such as sandwiches, pastries, paninis, smoothies, and burritos that are all sourced from nearby businesses. You can easily find options that suit a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free diet at Tenn Street.

The Bookstore Is A Popular Attraction

The bookstore area of Tenn Street is worth mentioning as well. Tenn Street has a large selection of used books up for sale, as well as newer publications available in hardback. If you’ve got some paperback books you’re looking to re-home, they trade paperbacks in the store as well.

Find a great book to read through while enjoying a vanilla latte or turkey panini. Take you new purchase into the cafe area to enjoy their ample seating, or utilize the outdoor patio seating on the store’s front.

The Art Gallery Showcases Work From Local Artists

If you’re bringing your laptop or tablet into the cafe area, there is free WiFi so you can feel free to come and work on your newest project while sipping on some strong coffee. Tenn Street also frequently updates their art gallery with pieces and collections from local artists, as well as hosting events for new and upcoming artists.

There are numerous of past and present art events and galleries on their website, showing the talent of the artists which the cafe invests in. Certain weeknights and weekends, there are also bands playing live music in the cafe in every genre. Come in for the coffee, stay for the books, art, and music!

If you want to grab some quality coffee or food at a place that is bursting with local and international culture, look no further than Tenn Street. With a great appreciation for literature, music, art, and food, you cannot go wrong by walking in these welcoming doors. Park on the street and come on in for an explosion of fun, learning, and tasty treats.


Come and visit Tenn Street Coffee and Books at 4418 Tennyson Street Denver, CO 80212