The Denver Bicycle Cafe – Denver CO

The Denver Bicycle Cafe

Whether you’re driving through the mountains of Colorado or simply looking for a nice place to grab a bite, then The Denver Bicycle Cafe is perfect for you! This cafe is sure to have everything you want and desire! They have a wide selection of drinks, food, and as the name suggests, bikes!

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You Can Buy A Coffee and a Bike!

This place can be an excellent start to your day or an energetic start to your journey to bicycle around Colorado. What else makes this coffee house so great? The Denver Bicycle Cafe is a modern-looking cafe founded in 2011 by a group of close childhood friends. Their strong friendship lasting over many years has lead them to start their own amazing business!

They Source Their Beans From Their Favorite Roasters

Their coffee is locally roasted and freshly brewed so you get coffee at only its best quality. The cafe sources their coffee beans from many other great brands such as Sweet Bloom, Pablo’s Coffee, Jubilee and many more. All of the in-season beans are from the owners’ favorite roasters! They even use hand-made French presses to pour-over creative coffee art.

They Serve Traditional Coffee Drinks and Teas

While this coffee house doesn’t have a coffee that only they serve, that doesn’t mean that their coffee and teas aren’t unique. Many of their coffees and teas are available iced and many of the teas are decaf. Don’t worry, those teas won’t make you bounce off the walls!

Diversity is Huge at this Cafe. From the Beans to the People

Much like their customers, the beverages are very diverse. Many of their special chai blends use different tea leaves from many places such as South Africa, South America, and India. These coffees are also known to have some great health benefits! The same goes for their coffee, many of the coffees originate from Italy, Latin America, and places in India. Stopping by this coffee house will be a trip for sure!

They Offer A Small Selection of Food and a Big Selection of Bikes

Their selection of food isn’t their primary focus, however, what they do serve comes from small local businesses. They do also offer snacks from Enduro Bites, a local business that makes energy and nutrition bars.

What makes this coffee house so unique is the in house bicycle shop! They sell top-quality bikes and will help you pick the perfect bike! They’ll help you choose an everyday urban bicycle for trips to work, a friend’s house, or to the store. If you’re adventurous and looking for a more durable bike for tough roads or high-altitude mountain trips. They even have bikes for kids!

You Can Get Your Bike Serviced While You Drink Coffee

The bicycle and coffee shop is open from 6 am-7 pm daily with a mechanic ready to help you with all your bike needs is on duty by 10 am. If you need any service or parts for your bike then luckily for you, they also offer bike parts and their services for great prices you can’t get anywhere else!

The Denver Bicycle Cafe is the perfect place to snag a coffee and get your morning burst of energy! Drink some coffee and then hop on one of their fantastic bikes and begin a brand new adventure, it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime!

They’ve Served the Denver Area For Almost 10 Years

This nice coffee house is located in Denver, Colorado. With many Denver locals and die-hard supporters, it’s no wonder this coffee house is so popular and successful. It’s the perfect place whether you’re going for a long drive or taking your daily commute on your bike, this shop has what you need. Hurry by, this independent business’ wonderful run is sadly coming to an end by the end of October. We will miss this excellent coffee house for sure!

The Doors Will Permanently Close by November 2019

If you’d like to show your support for The Bicycle Cafe or show you care about independent businesses as a whole, stop by the coffee house. It will be sad seeing it go but at least we can take solace in knowing the coffee house was the place where people made happy memories, new friends, got accepted into colleges, hired for jobs, had their first dates, got engaged, and overall felt good being inside such an inviting cafe.


located at 1308 E 17th Ave only in Denver, Colorado