The Human Bean – Portland

The Human Bean

The Human Bean located in Portland; Oregon is one of the most unique coffee experiences that you’ll likely find on your typical adventure.

With numerous locations in addition to Portland’s branch, the goal of The Human Bean is to create the best possible drive through espresso. The idea came from recognizing the demand for high quality, convenient coffee and espresso beverages; the first branch of the franchise opened in 2002.

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The Best Drive Thru Espresso Experience

Since then, The Human Bean has a high reputation for great service and, most importantly, greater coffee. It is now located in ten different states, with over seventy five different locations. To better serve guests, The Human Bean launched its own app, giving customers a bonus of two dollars when they sign up.

They Offer Seasonal Favorites and Every Day Classics

On the menu, there are seasonal favorites and everyday classics. These include drip coffees, iced/hot teas, mochas, lattes, and even frozen coffee drinks!

There is a special holiday drink menu that offers more indulgent treats for the best times of the year. Even if you aren’t near a franchise of The Human Bean, you can purchase their coffees online. Coffee is shipped separately to ensure it is as fresh as it can be when it arrives on your doorstep.

They Now Have A Walk-In Cafe

Unlike the traditional The Human Bean set up, the Portland branch store has a walk-in cafe area as well as the drive through lane on the outside. It opened its doors in early 2018 and is one of only three branches that has the cafe area for guests to sit and enjoy their beverages in store.

There Is Plenty of Seating and Electrical Outlets For Those Looking For A Place To Work

The store’s interior features richly toned woods, leathers, and soft lighting to create a warm, cozy environment as you sip on a hot drink. There are small tables for two, larger tables, and softer chairs and couches available for all kinds of guest needs.

In addition, there is plenty of outdoor picnic table seating, so guests can take advantage of a sunny day to enjoy the coffee shop’s treats!

With plenty of electrical outlets and free wifi, it’s a wonderful spot to bring some work from the office or from your science class to catch up on while enjoying a nice drink or snack.

There Is A Variety Of Food, Pastries and Milk Alternatives

As far as food selection, there is a great variety of pastries, smaller lunch or breakfast items, snack items, and fresh foods for customers to choose from. There are several kinds of candies offered too! Milk alternatives for lactose-intolerant or vegan visitors are offered as well.

They Have Great Prices and Reward Programs

On top of every cup, workers balance a chocolate covered coffee bean as an extra treat, walk in or drive through. The shop offers a rewards program for customers where if you buy ten drinks, the next one is free.

Many customer reviews rate The Human Bean as an excellent choice for coffee and tea, with prices that are significantly lower than a Starbucks chain.

The warm environment, wide selection of food and drinks, fast service, and high quality coffee drinks make this cafe a must for any local or visitor to Portland! Stop in and stay a while, or drive up and away in two minutes with this convenient caffeine pit stop!


You can visit the Portland chain of The Human Bean at 4835 NE Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR 97213.