The Weathervane Cafe – Denver CO

The Weathervane Cafe

Weathervane Cafe is a coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado. It was opened in 2012, founded by the husband and wife pair, Alex and Lindsay Dalton. The relationship between the two co-owners is important, because Weathervane Cafe is like a slice of their own home.

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This Cafe Has a Home-style Feel

During the first couple years of the shop’s existence, the pair actually outfitted it with their own furniture, and in doing so established an aesthetic that is central to what places Weathervane Cafe apart from other modern coffee shops.

A walk inside the cafe will present a feeling that is the polar opposite of the stereotype in most new coffee shops of the past decade. As opposed to a white-washed room that is so sleek, clean, and barren that customers potentially feel uptight, Weathervane Cafe is loaded with color and objects with a “lived-in” look.

The front, exterior facade of the building is a light green color, but inside, its walls vary extensively between tan, red, blue, and more green. The floor is a worn linoleum, patterned but faded; as are the cushioned couches and chairs that complement the more normal ones.

Don’t Forget To Check Out the Upstairs Porch Area

The majority of Weathervane Cafe is inside and on ground level, but there is also a patio equipped with metal chairs and tables, and more importantly, an upstairs that acts as a porch, with literal lawn chairs. People come to the cafe for its goods however, both because of its quality, and lack of pretentiousness.

Their Coffee is Locally Sourced and Made into Delicious Standard Beverages

Weathervane strives to serve drinks free of judgement. Their coffee is locally sourced, and comes in forms of lattes, espresso, americanos, cortados, cappuccinos, cold brew, and drip coffee.

They Offer Alternative Milks and House-made Syrups

It is a small menu, but alternative milks, and house-made syrups such as lavender, hazelnut, almond & rose, and orange & clove can be added. More beverages consist of looseleaf, matcha, and chai teas, as well as Italian sodas and juices.

There Are Breakfast and Lunch Food Option

Much like their coffee, the food ingredients are locally sourced. Weathervane serves a fair-sized sandwich menu, with options loaded with turkey, smoked ham, curry chicken, vegetables, and other toppings. Other food includes oatmeal, salads, breakfast burritos and sandwiches, granola bowls, and banana creme chia pudding.

The cafe is typically very busy, and thus they provide the option to call and place orders fifteen minutes ahead of pick-up. However, the nature of the space makes it prime for conversation, lounging, and getting work done while enjoying their beverages and food. Try it yourself by visiting Weathervane Café.


1725 E 17th Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80218