The Well Coffee House – Boston

The Well Coffee House

Located in close proximity to Chinatown, in a prime spot on Grand Concourse of South Station, The Well Coffee House has been thriving in business since January 2014. When you step through their doors, you’ll be entering an environment of warmth, friendliness and above all comfort. 

Selflessness and generosity are what you will find here as the entire establishment revolves around the well being of the community.

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Staffed solely by volunteers

The Well is also run on a not for profit basis. This is a church-affiliated enterprise, and the desire to spread the word through quality coffee and a welcoming atmosphere is the mission.

Based on a story in the bible where a woman goes to a well to retrieve water she runs into Jesus who then speaks a profound Gospel to her which in turn changed her life and as her life changed it had a ripple effect spreading to the rest of the community. With this teaching they believe that one simple interaction can impact the lives of many.

They partner with an award winning local roaster , “Crimson Cup” who won roaster of the year in 2016!

Uses only the highest quality of beans

Local roastery, “Crimson Cup” is who they partner with. The founder graduated from Harvard and shares many of the same community centric goals as The Well owners. Whether you like hot or iced drinks, their menu is broad and will serve you right. For example “Armando’s Blend,” is a medium roast that will energize your day with its perfectly balanced, nutty, rich taste.

Their tea selection will not disappoint

However, if you are looking for a little more “oomf” in your coffee you may want to try something bolder, like the dark roast or a hammerhead with espresso. If it’s tea you are after, The Well Coffee House has a wide selection from medicinal teas to caffeinated.

The tea is steeped in 100% biodegradable loose leaf tea sachets

Allowing more room for the leaves to expand and the flavor to be released as opposed to conventional tea bags which are wasteful, and often bleached with chemicals. The varieties range from soothing to the tart, running the whole gamut from the rich, fruity Crimson Berry to the cooling Ohio Peppermint. 

They offer non-dairy milk options

If coffee and tea aren’t your jam, their chocolate mocha cannot be beat! They also have homemade Italian sodas including a wide range of specialty syrups including vanilla, raspberry, cinnamon, coconut and many more. If you have a dairy allergy. The Well can take care of you with non-dairy alternatives like almond, or soy milk.

Building relationships and creating opportunities

That will benefit the local neighborhood as a whole. They are closely affiliated with the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen, and proudly volunteer there once a month. For that reason, any profits are automatically channeled toward worthy causes. They have a steady rotation of local charities, so you know your money is going toward a very good cause.

Don’t forget to check out their merch

In their “gear shop” you will find quality merchandise to further serve their selfless mission here. This includes: mugs (of course) t-shirts, hoodies, and baby jumpers all bearing The Well’s trendy logo.

The Well is a place that will make you feel good about your coffee drinking habit! Not only because of the exceptional quality of the blends and friendly service, but because of the wider ambitions of the establishment on a community scale. So if you’re in the area, during the week spread the word and check out The Well!


2 South Station SuiteA6, Boston, MA 02110