Trade and Lore – Asheville NC

Trade and Lore

Founded in 2016, the coffee shop Trade and Lore Coffee isn’t old by any means, but its history is a generous one. It was formed by Lindsey Pitman, Sarah Winkler, and Brock Kehoe, whom upon realizing their shared goals, opened Trade and Lore’s first location in Asheville, North Carolina.

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3 Strangers Become Successful Business Partners

Lindsey Pitman was in the process of opening a coffee shop when she found Sarah Winkler in the timely need of employment. Winkler had previously worked as a barista at the now long-gone Waking Life Espresso.

That particular business had been ended upon the revelation of the misogynistic antics of its management, and Winkler was looking to do some good in its place.

The two women began a Kickstarter campaign to fund the shop, and as a result, also drew the attention and partnership of Brock Kehoe, who contributes his business skills and expertise, having helped run a few in the past.  With the Waking Life controversy in mind, though not exclusively because of it, Trade and Lore Coffee is dedicated to many different benefits and charities.

Heavily Involved With Charities

These often vary with each month and between the different events they hold, but one such thing they do in support of charities is selecting one of their signature drinks to be used as a fundraiser for a particular month; the profits from the specified beverage going to one of the charities they support.

The coffee Trade and Lore serves is sourced from the local Mountain Air Roasting, as well as an ever-changing cast of featured roasters from all around the United States.  A standout factor of Trade and Lore is what they do with the coffee.

They Make Their Own Syrups

Respectably, they serve the usuals that people hope to find in any coffee shop, such as espresso, americanos, filtered and iced coffee, etc. But more importantly, they make unique syrups using herbs grown on Brock Kehoe’s land, and craft beverages that are totally their own.

Their Menu is Fun and Delicious

One such syrup is the pistachio and rosewater, which can be added to any drink, and is sometimes used in signature creations. A couple fun drinks that have graced their menu are the “Go Fig Yourself,” which is made of spiced fig sauce, orange water, citrus spritz, espresso, and milk, and the “Pamela Anderson,” a mix of panela, apple, and roseship sauce, clove and cinnamon bitters, and coffee.

Partnering with many local businesses, Trade and Lore has on hand baked goods from The Rue and Whisk and Wood Bakery, bagels from Joey’s NY Bagels, milk from Farm to Home Milk, spices from Savory Spice, teas from Dobra Tea, and beer from Salud Cerveceria. The latter business has a space in Charlotte, North Carolina that also hosts Trade and Lore’s second location. 

Trade and Lore supports their community through charity and partnership, but also by hosting a plethora of events, from concerts to art galleries, and better yet, they treat their employees well, so they can thrive in the community themselves, by paying them fair wages and benefits. Trade and Lore Coffee is an all around generous and unique business.


3306 N Davidson St, in Charlotte, or at their original location at 37 Wall St, Asheville, North Carolina.