Tradesmen Coffee – Boston

Tradesemen coffee

In the heart of Boston’s bustling financial district, Tradesman Coffee is very much one of the “new kids on the block” as it has only been in business for around a year. However, it has already built up a reputation for itself as one of the finest cafes in the district. 

Attracting business people, tourists, creatives, and locals all across Boston. You will find that Tradesmen has a old time flair from the trendy logo of the man with the moustache combined with a cutting edge zest. This coffee shop doubles as a lounge and really can accomodate any occasion. Read about Sumatra Coffee versus others like Colombian here.

Designed with a hard-working customer base in mind

Tradesmen looks to create a warm and inviting space for determined workers and thinkers alike. A calming space for people to gather and do what they need to do. A space to get the creative ideas flowing is the philosophy behind Tradesmen Coffee. The WiFi is strong and the layout is conducive for creatives with comfortable seating and ambient lighting- you won’t want to leave!

To construct a cafe which they themselves would want to drink in.

Meki Durakovic and interior designer, Stephen Martyak are the masterminds behind the establishment. They have custom-built the artisanal coffee house in the wonderful location of the Batterymarch Building- which is also home to the Hilton hotel.

Inspiring and tasteful decor

“Timeless” is just one word used to describe the decor, bursting with tasteful antiques and accessories with distinctly modern design. It manages to be both spacious and cozy, offering both a lounge area and bar. It is very much a community establishment, with a rapidly growing roster of regulars as well as tourists that are passing through.

You won’t have a guilty conscience eating here

All the food is fresh, and prepared onsite with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Specialties include the wonderful breakfast sandwich, positively crammed with crisp bacon, Vermont cheddar and topped with a fried egg. Service is reliable, friendly and always accommodating.

Grab and go is a great option

Whether its pastries for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch or a sneaky afternoon snack, you’ll find something that will satisfy the Tradesmen on the run.

One of Forbes’s top coffee roasters in the nation

The same-day roasted Barrington coffee is boldly flavored, delivering a robust taste and tantalizing, mouth-watering aroma. There’s no better way to start the day. You’ll find all the usual suspects here- espresso, the latte, the cappuccino, the mocha- all made with Barrington’s gorgeous gold blend.  

For a real ‘buzz’ try the Espresso Martini

Boasting a unique coffee inspired cocktail menu, Tradesmen won’t let you down if you are looking to make a toast. The infamous “hot chocolate” cocktail, has accumulated a lot of buzz, made with steamed artisan fudge, Cynar liquor and chartreuse. Delicious! This is something you won’t find anywhere else!

They may be the “new kid on the block,” but with comfort and refined taste, Tradesmen is gaining momentum and climbing the ladder of Bostonians hearts. It’s a perfect setting to meet, chat and with free WIFI, get some work done. It’s about celebrating the past, while striving toward the successes of the future.


58 Batterymarch Street, Boston, MA 02110