Ultra Coffeebar – Asheville

Ultra Coffeebar

In 2015, what was formerly known as the Clingman Cafe underwent a massive redesign and rebranding, having been passed on in ownership. Originally having been named after the street in Asheville, North Carolina on which it is located, the cafe’s reinvigoration gave birth to the new Ultra Coffeebar.

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Rebranded & Remodeled for Success!

A remodeling, along with a sleek new website designed by Blue Dozen Design, and professional photography by Nicole McConville, helped in rebranding Ultra to represent the meaning of their new name; which is to suggest superior quality, range, and effort. 

Made the Top 15 Instagrammable Spots in Ashville

Sitting in a spot surrounded by art studios, Ultra Coffeebar is suitably artistic in itself, having been labeled one of the top 15 most Instagrammable spots in Asheville by the Huffington Post. Even the exterior of the building was refreshed, having gone from a bland, fully tan brick facade, to three quarters white and one quarter gray, with the logo painted in black on the side.

The Inside Decor Showcases Local Artists

On the inside, you’ll see off-white tile and light-gray walls that have long wooden shelves attached, supporting an array of decorative mugs, as well as pieces from local artists that add pops of color while waiting to be sold.

This can all be seen from the long, light wooden tables and smooth metal chairs placed throughout, from the similarly wooden hub where the work is done, people can order what truly sets Ultra Coffeebar apart as a superior sort of cafe.

Their Beans Come From Durham Roasters

First, there is the coffee that is supplied by the Durham roaster, Counter Culture Coffee. Ultra crafts these roasts into a handful of standard beverages such as espresso, americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, cortados, and the house specialty espresso with steamed milk and vanilla bean syrup, known as the Ultra Short.

Their Cold Brew and Unique Drinks are their Pride & Joy

More importantly though, they serve multiple wholly unique drinks. They place particular pride on their cold brew, which comes in normal, decaf, and nitro forms, but experimentation is demonstrated in a drink called the Orange Peel, which is a mix of espresso, orange infused syrup, sparkling water, and candied orange peel; and the Rick James, which is a combination of espresso, Mexican coke, and vanilla bean syrup.

This is also offered in decaf, then called Rick James in Rehab.  All of Ultra’s syrups are made with real, natural ingredients. The vanilla bean syrup, for example, is literally made with vanilla bean. Furthermore, Ultra is a standout cafe for the food it makes.

Come for Breakfast or Lunch

Boasting a wide range, their breakfast menu alone contains bagels, wraps, ciabatta, and english muffins loaded with eggs, meats, and everything that also lends to the eight item vegan breakfast menu. On the lunch menu, there are turkey, tuna, fruit, and vegetable sandwiches and wraps, of both cold and hot styles.

They Have Vegan Lunch Menu

The namesake food item is found on the vegan lunch menu, known as the Ultraman, which is a spinach herb wrap loaded with avocado, tomato, roasted garlic hummus, kale slaw, pickled cucumber, pickled onion, pickled carrot spiral, and almond milk ranch. 

Whether you are coming from a nearby art gallery, on your way to one, or simply want to try gourmet foods and drinks, Ultra Coffeebar strives to satisfy to a superior extent.


You can visit them at 242 Clingman Ave, Asheville, North Carolina.