Which Water Should You Use For Coffee?

Everyone loves for their coffee to be made in a certain way. While everyone has their preferences, the water used in preparing this caffeine-rich beverage will determine how it will taste.

For many people, choosing the type of water to brew their coffee with comes after considering the brand and type of coffee maker to use. Most people are not keen when choosing the water to use, and that’s the first mistake they will likely make.

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Read on to see how different types of water can affect the taste of your cup of coffee.

Filtered Water Vs. Tap Water

Even though your filtered water may be from the tap, through a filtration process, you will notice that it tastes different. Depending on the state of your tap water, this process may improve the taste of the coffee, or alter the taste, as you prefer it.

Some localities have impure tapped water, which may contain metallic elements, or lack a healthy PH balance. If you have to choose between tap and filtered water, it is advisable that you settle for the filtered water.

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

The source of the water, or where you live, will determined whether your water is hard or soft. If you harvest rain water directly, it will be soft water, but once the water hits the ground, it will collect minerals from the soil and become hard.

Health experts say hard water is healthy for drinking, once it is filtered. It is loaded with mineral elements. The hard water tastes differently and depending on your taste palate, you may find it to be a little bitter. Soft water does not add any taste to your coffee.

The Best Water For Brewing Coffee

With so many sources of water to use in your kitchen, it is difficult to tell which one makes better coffee over the other. Water not only determines the taste, but it will change the concentration of the coffee, and the process of making it.

Water with mineral content is the best for making coffee; however, the concentration should be modest, not too high or too low. The minerals add a pleasant taste to the coffee, so the best water to use is hard water, but it should definitely be filtered.

In order to attain your preferred taste, it is good to have your regular brand of coffee with you, know the process of making it, and of course, have a quality coffee maker.

You can get hard water from your own sink, or buy mineral water from a local store. As for purchasing coffee, you can check reviews for the best quality, and even get samples for home tasting until you get the one that tastes best for you.

The temperature of the water that you use to make your coffee with will also play a role in enriching your favorite beverage. This is important, regardless of the type of water you choose to use.

Cold water gives you a flat taste, and if it’s too hot, it will make the flavor of coffee disappear. You should also use the proper amount of water to avoid under-extracting or over-extracting.