World Cup Coffee & Tea – Portland OR

World Cup Coffee and Tea

World Cup Coffee and Tea is a multifaceted business located in Portland, Oregon. Within the merits of the coffee industry, World Cup practically does it all. It technically began in 1985 under the helm of Don Welch, though it was under the different name of Diversified Refreshment Systems. For an interesting read, check out A Day in the Life of a Sumatran Coffee Picker.

Serving Coffee & Coffee Supplies to Portland Business’ for Over 30 Years

Compared to modern day, the company didn’t do near as much; it simply sold household name coffee brands and related products to offices within Portland. Eventually, however, Don’s son, Dan, took over the business and gradually upgraded it, starting with renaming it World Cup Coffee and Tea. 

These days, it is still largely a provider of coffee to offices, but it has expanded the availability of these services across the country. Not only that, but the supplying of stereotypical name brand coffees was replaced with a priority of high-quality in mind.

World Cup acts as a hook-up connection point where businesses can obtain just about whatever type of liquid they want on a repeated basis. You can have them establish supply chains with Peet’s Coffee or even Starbucks if you wish, or even soda brands such as Coke or Pepsi.

Has World Wide Farming Connections

Taking that a step further, World Cup will also provide any essential equipment for in-office brewing and dispensing of any and all types of beverages, and even train clients accordingly. 

Where the focus on high quality comes in is the worldwide farming connections World Cup has fostered, making the name an appropriate fit.

Involved with the Rainforest Alliance & Audubon Society

World Cup imports two hundred thousand pounds of green coffee in an average year, and this staggering amount is made up entirely of beans that have met the quality standards World Cup has set in place.

Many of these coffee beans come from farms entrenched in sustainable means and involved in the Rainforest Alliance and Audubon Society.

Roughly three quarters of the beans are roasted by World Cup itself, with the remainder sold to other businesses. Those in their own care are roasted in small, artisan batches with perfect flavor points in mind.

Using these roasts, World Cup provides them in three methods: through their office-equipping services, through their online store, and in their Portland cafes.

The World Cup Cafe Opened in 1999

The cafe component began in 1999, with the opening of their first location within Powell’s Books. They have since established another, standalone cafe, and at both of these they serve baked pastries sourced from local businesses, teas from the local Smith Tea, and coffee.

The coffee comes in the expected forms of mochas, lattes, espresso, and more, but the roasts available are broad. The details of these roasts are available online, each one pairs with ratings of its acidity, body, and roast factors.

It is easy to know what you are getting, each roast labeled with its corresponding flavors and falling under categories such as single-origin, blends, sustainable, or decaf. 

Final Thoughts

World Cup Coffee and Tea has an entire world of coffee to offer, and its reach expands further than any ordinary coffee shop. Listed within USA Today’s top ten coffee roasters in the United States, you can find their coffee and services through their website, or at either of their cafes.   


1740 Glisan St, and 1005 Burnside St, Portland, Oregon.