Sapor Coffee & Concepts – Denver

Sapor Coffee & Concepts – Denver

In 2017, Caleb and Jeanie Sprenger initiated a campaign on Kickstarter with the goal of funding the creation of their dream coffee shop. The plans had been in the works for a fair amount of time, but after generating ten thousand dollars through online donations, the Sprenger duo were able to welcome their generous patrons to Sapor Coffee and Concepts by 2018.  Check out our best Sumatra coffee list when you get a moment!

They Never Use Syrups

The concept of Sapor involves taking coffee back to the basics. This does not exclude being artistic and inventive with their craft, but rather narrows their focus to presenting a true coffee experience. Sapor does not include syrups in any of their drinks, as in their own words, doing so “hides” the coffee.

Serving Pure Coffee From Local Roasters

To them, drowning the coffee in a sea of different flavors and additives would be backwards thinking, as where the true flavor lies is in the coffee itself. Sapor proudly serves the local Lakewood roasts of Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters.

The connection Sweet Bloom creates with the farmers it sources its beans from ensures that the quality is high. Placing emphasis on the health of the plants that the beans come from, and not just the beans themselves, helps the promote the flavors from the very beginning till it is sloshing into customers’ mouths.

It’s a Family Affair

The owner of Sweet Bloom, Andy Sprenger, is the uncle of Sapor’s Caleb Sprenger, and through this relationship, Sapor is able to provide Sweet Bloom to the cafe-going community at large. 

While you can visit Sweet Bloom’s website to view and purchase their roasts, Sapor Coffee and Concepts likes to keep their menu within the confines of their cafe. Yes, you can expect the coffee standards such as espresso, drip coffee, pour overs, cold brew, and more.

Despite not using syrups, they do still serve lattes, as milk is not beyond them. Further beverages served are seasonal coffees, teas, chai, matcha, and kombucha.

The Menu is Mysterious For a Reason

In keeping the secrets of their menu guarded, Sapor still provides rough descriptions, just enough to entice a person to try something, but the ingredients are intentionally left out with the purpose of letting the customer figure them out for themselves. Much like a beer or wine tasting, coffee is a delicacy at Sapor. 

Modern Decor and Nice Natural Lighting

The space that customers seat themselves and test their taste buds is an open and inviting one. Mostly covered in blacks and whites, the look is modern.

The white topped coffee bar is in the center of the room, with five sides of its hexagonal structure encompassed by black metal stools that allow for customers to engage with the baristas in direct, friendly fashions. A wooden platform hovers over the bar, equipped with a bit of lighting, but most of the light comes naturally through the multiple window-walls.

There is Plenty of Seating at Sapor Coffee

A couple of these walls also have stools draped in front of them for those that want a direct view of the outside, and otherwise, there are also standard tables and chairs. Sapor Coffee and Concepts can seat a lot of people and is ready to serve the secret subtitles of Sweet Bloom.


2795 Speer Blvd, STE 17, Denver, Colorado, 80211.

Torpedo Coffee – Denver

Torpedo Coffee – Denver

Founded in 2018, Torpedo Coffee is not only a fresh face in the Denver coffee community, but a fresh opportunity for its owners, Kyle and Fallene Wells. Fallene has been entrenched in the small-business world since 2013, with owning the salon, “Let Em Have It,” but Kyle was looking for an escape from the monotonous lifestyle of his job in I.T. If you want to brew your own Sumatran coffee beans, check out our recommendations.

It Was Full Speed Ahead For These Two Owners

The encouragement he received from his wife over-took the naysaying from those that couldn’t conceive of leaving a secure, nine-to-five job, and thus, Torpedo Coffee swam into fruition.  Not only are the products they serve crafty, but so too is the business itself.

Torpedo Coffee gets its name from a quote by Navy Rear Admiral Farragut, which also inspired the title of Tom Petty’s third album, for reference. It is no coincidence that Kyle Wells took interest in this creative direction, with having himself served in the Navy.

They Have a Cute & Quirky Mascot

Correspondingly, the store has a mascot bluntly named “Torpedo guy,” which is a smiley torpedo with a coffee-mug handle; and the business as a whole is fashioned with quirky caricatures and pictures promoting a hard-work, or “full speed ahead” mentality.

Beyond the nautical connotations, the quote Torpedo’s name comes from was said with the meaning similar to “just do it,” or “get on with it.”

Serving Delicious Food and Drinks

Kyle Wells struggled to take that first step, but having now successfully “got on with it,” Torpedo Coffee satisfyingly serves customers the products of Corvus Coffee Roasters, Sophisticates and Sanctuary tea, Delmar Burritos, Share Good Foods, and Rosenberg Bagels. 

Corvus Coffee Roasters are local to Denver, but they source their beans directly from all around Central America. Torpedo’s coffee beverages come in standard forms of lattes, espresso, cortados, americanos, mochas, cappucinos, and nitro cold brew, but also in a handful of specialty forms.

Come Try Their Signature Drink!

A rotating cast of other local roasters are featured in small-batch brews at Torpedo for those that desire to expand their palate, but most relevant to Torpedo Coffee is the signature “Full Speed Ahead!”

This drink epitomizes Torpedo’s ethos, and adds an espresso shot to coffee that already has plenty of caffeine, thus ensuring the consumer is awake enough to handle whatever is in their way; life-threatening torpedos or otherwise.  The teas from Sophisticates and Sanctuary are offered as loose-leaf teas, matcha, chai, golden, and london fog lattes, as well as dona turmeric.

The food available at Torpedo is both baked fresh and packaged to pick up and go, and some of these options are the fresh breakfast burritos and quiche, buttermilk muffins, individual croissants and those that are made into sandwiches, mac and cheese, salads, bagels, soft pretzels, and much more. 

It’s Brand New But Going Strong

Torpedo Coffee has only been open for about a year, but there are no signs of stopping, as it is heavily fueled by its surrounding businesses and the nearby schools, Denver School of the Arts, and Johnson and Wales University.

Indeed, Torpedo Coffee will continue full speed ahead, satisfying customers and freeing themselves from monotony. If you want to try out their food and beverages for yourself, Torpedo won’t be hard to find with the “Torpedo guy” mascot sitting prominently atop a pole outside the cafe.


2231 Oneida St, Denver, Colorado.

Caffee Figurati – Denver

Caffee Figurati – Denver

In Denver, Colorado, there exists a hotel that is frequented by visitors from out of town and local residents alike. The hotel is appropriately titled “The Source,” and on the first floor, it features an expansive, forty-nine thousand square foot culinary hub. Within this hub are all sorts of restaurants and businesses, but one of them is a coffee shop and cafe known as Caffe Figurati. 

If you want to brew your own, check out our top Sumatra coffee recommendations.

A Coffee Shop With a Twist

The coffee shop is essentially a storefront realization of Commonwealth Coffee Roaster’s products, but with a twist. Commonwealth has another cafe where they conduct their roasting and coffee crafting, but at Caffee Figurati, they use their beans to form a menu with a spin geared toward Italian espresso styles and Japanese tea.

This cultural flair of international details is what sets the caffe apart from its brother, but likewise, with serving Commonwealth roasts, Caffe Figurati does not exclude the standards.

No matter if a person is ordering a drink exclusive to the shop at The Source or a more typical style of beverage, the quality that Commonwealth strives to achieve in their roasts helps make all options worthy of purchase. 

Caffee Figurati is New to the Neighborhood

Caffe Figurati was only established as recently as 2018, when Commonwealth Coffee founder, Jason Farrar, took advantage of a former coffee shop in The Source moving on and away.

The space features a sleek, yet comfortable design. There are round, wooden tables and metal chairs throughout, but also long, narrow, bar-like tables with a fair number of stools saddled along them.

The decor is minimalist, with a vase of flowers here, a small painting there, and a touch of orange and blue colors gracing the couches, complimenting the otherwise white and light-brown interior. 

The beverages they offer can be served in glasses and mugs if you want to hang out for a while, or to-go cups if you’re a hotel-goer on the way out, but in either case, the options are the same.

Sugar in Every Cup

All the coffee they serve has a light amount sugar added to it, which can be excluded by requested, but the options consist of macchiatos, cappuccinos, americanos, lattes, drip coffee, nitro cold brew, and espresso. With the two latter items, both can be ordered in an available roast of your choice, and the espresso will be freshly ground upon order.

The tea options at Caffe Figurati are vast, divided into five different menu sections, including ripe puer, raw puer, oolongs, black/red tea, and white and green tea.

Serving Pour Overs and Specialty Drinks

The pour over bar features a rotating cast of options, but some of these have been a Civitas, which is a mix of toffee, dark sugar, and guatemalan and ethiopian coffee, and a Rwanda, which combines raspberry, cinnamon, black tea, and dried fruit. 

The Caffe is Unique and Enticing

Being a caffe and not just a coffee bar, there are also pastries on-hand provided by Babette’s. Whether you are coming to the hotel to stay overnight, to attend a culinary or musical event that The Source hosts on its roof, or simply to dine or have a cup of quality coffee or tea, Caffe Figurati provides a unique and enticing option.


3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, Colorado, 80216.