Cafe Sello Rojo

Cafe Sello Rojo

The enjoyment of coffee knows no borders or bounds, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the highest sought-after products in the entire world.

Millions of people start their day off with a hot cup of coffee. One of the finest brands that one could purchase would be Cafe Sello Rojo, a Colombian favorite that’s sure to delight your senses, and put some extra pep in your step every morning.  Today, on Jiale Coffee, we are proud to bring you a featurette on Cafe Sello Rojo:

Cafe Sello Rojo’s History

Cafe Sello Rojo has been a top leader in best Colombian coffees since the 1960’s, but before that, it was a small operation, starting in 1959. Cafe Sello Rojo has worked its way up from a small operation, relying on the help of workers within the women’s prison and the San Jose Orphanage.

From there, the company branched out, creating new products and developing their vacuum seal technology, which allowed the coffee to stay fresh for much longer.

Eventually, even better packaging was created, allowing the coffee to stay fresh for over a year or two at a time. Though it’s sprouted from modest beginnings, Cafe Sello Rojo is very popular in Colombia, and around the world, respectfully.

The Cafe Sello Rojo Brand Today

With their classic roast being a best seller, the Cafe Sello Rojo brand is a staple in many kitchens across Colombia, and Europe. The brand has grown from small-time operations to large, state of the art factories that allow them to send out more delicious coffee than ever before.

Offering a smooth, delectable aroma and flavor, many people to continue to buy up the coffee with little sign of anything slowing. The brand has also branched out into philanthropy, supporting causes like education and the arts.


Cafe Sello Rojo is a favorite for a variety of reasons, though the most popular one is that they simply make very good coffee. Using only the best beans, it’s guaranteed that every cup is just as good as the last.

This is because Cafe Sello Rojo only uses the best beans, the best equipment, and the best packaging, because you deserve the best cup of coffee, every time, all the time.

Iced Coffee Guide – Recipes & More Fun

Iced Coffee Guide – Recipes & More Fun

It is possible that the only thing better than coffee is iced coffee. Coffee lovers everywhere enjoy their brew so much, that an entire industry has been built on making creative new coffee drinks.

Everything we love about the hot pick-me-up is amplified when you turn it into a cool, refreshing treat. Improving on coffee is an art unto itself.

From cooling techniques to topping choices and more, there are thousands of ways to serve a great iced coffee. It’s best to start with the basics, and build up from there with experimentation and variation.

Learn about best Sumatra coffee brands here. We are sharing how to make iced coffee below:

Is Iced Coffee Just Coffee?

The core of any coffee drink is (obviously) the coffee. Choose your favorite flavored beans if you like. Whether you cool down a hot brew, or just cold brew it in the first place, is a matter of taste.

Instant coffee also makes an excellent choice for the basis of an iced coffee. The concentrated flavor comes through strongly, so it can be added to your base-brew for extra caffeine and coffee flavor.

Instant coffees also come in a variety of flavors, so it’s possible to enhance or blend your flavors in the first step of the iced coffee making process.

Chill Out – Iced Coffee Recipe

Next up, you have another obvious ingredient. Ice doesn’t have to be boring. You can freeze creamer or coffee to intensify the flavor of your basic drink even further.

Get creative with vanilla bean or cinnamon extract in your cubes. There is also the question of whether to pour your java over the ice, or add both to a blender for an ultra creamy frozen dessert. You can even swap out your ice and replace it with ice cream or sherbet, if you don’t mind the calories.

Expand Your Horizons

It may seem unnecessary to some, but every iced coffee connoisseur knows you need to add flavoring to your drink for the best experience. Basic chocolate or caramel sauce will do the trick.

You can elevate your iced coffee to the next level with flavor shots that are designed for making Italian sodas. These come in every possible choice of fruit, or other sweet you might imagine. You can make a chocolate raspberry iced coffee if you want it. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

With A Cherry On Top

The perfect iced coffee drink should have a topping (or six). Most people default to the whipped cream option. That is a fine start, but you can do better.

From cherries to candies and cookies, or sauces and sprinkles, what gives your iced coffee that final magic touch is the way it looks when you first pick it up.

Give it a candy cane, or a whimsical paper umbrella, or maybe try out a dusting of edible glitter for something truly unique.

Final Thoughts

Iced coffee should never be dull or uninspired. It is the one area of adulthood where fun is a standard part of the package.

You can make a caramel, mocha, butterscotch, vanilla, Crème Brule-flavored monstrosity, with an epic tower of toppings to rival even the most ridiculous coffee shop creation, as long as you make it a fun experience. Take it to the limit, and then add sprinkles!

Cuban Coffee Guide – How To Make It & More!

Cuban Coffee Guide – How To Make It & More!

Different types of coffees usually have different tastes and effects, made using different modes of preparation. Some are strong, while others are mild. Knowing the differences can help in choosing the best coffee, depending on one’s desires.

Cuban coffee, also known as Cuban espresso, is one of the strongest coffee on the market. It is also very sweet, since it’s made using sugar and espresso. If you want to learn more about the best Colombian coffee, we have another guide set up that could be extremely helpful. Onto Cuban coffee!

History of Cuban Coffee

Although coffee production in Cuba started in the 1700’s, this specific Cuban coffee was first discovered when Italians went to Cuba.

It quickly became part of Cuban culture, which involves drinking coffee in social settings. After the coffee is brewed, it is placed in a large container and shared, using smaller cups.

Since then, it has gained popularity in other parts of the world, where people still follow the traditional mode of preparation when brewing it.

How To Make the Best Cuban Coffee

The first step in making the best Cuban coffee is collecting all the tools. These include ground coffee (which can be espresso, although others use slightly coarse grounds), a Moka Pot, and sugar.

Remove the Moka Pot’s parts, and pour water into the lower chamber. Measure the ground coffee and place in the filter.

Remember to maintain the exact measurements required for the pot. Don’t pour water that passes the safety valve, and use the correct ratio of coffee to water.

Put the top chamber back on, and turn on the heat. You’ll have to stick around to monitor the progress closely. This is because Moka Pots are a little delicate, and the coffee can easily get burnt. To avoid being idle, prepare the sugar while you wait for the coffee to be ready.

The next step is adding the sugar into the coffee. This part is a bit challenging, especially for first-time brewers, since it requires the perfect quantity. You can use regular cane sugar, but brown sugar is the best.

Add the sugar into the container, which will hold the coffee drips from the Moka Pot. This mixture is created during brewing, and if done correctly, it will create the perfect “espuma”, which is the froth that forms on this coffee.

Use the first few drips of the espresso, which are the strongest, with a little bit of sugar to get the best results.

Variations of Cuban Coffee

1. Cafe Cubano

This coffee is usually served in small cups that follow the Cuban tradition. It is very strong, and is made using regular coffee beans with a touch of sugar.

2. Cortadito

This is like a regular coffee, with the only difference being that steamed milk is added to the coffee. The ratio of milk to coffee differs with every person, and can range between equal quantities, to espresso being more than milk.

3. Colada

Like Cafe Cubano, this variation is served in a larger container, and served with smaller cups, meant for sharing in social settings. It is much like Turkish coffee, but is sweeter and not as bitter.

4. Cafe Con Leche

Unlike the others, this coffee is brewed without sugar, and is served with milk. The coffee and the milk are served separately, and the person drinking mixes them however he/she likes.


Cuban coffee is one of the best tasting coffees you can drink. The preparation may be challenging at first, but with practice, you’ll master perfection.

Even when you fail at first, keep trying, and you’ll be able to treat your family and friends to the best Cuban coffee.