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Because coffee means so much to me, I decided to launch this site over a year ago, so hello, and welcome to Jiale Coffee, where we have everything related to coffee here: best coffee information, in depth coffee reviews, and several other guides that we hope you will find informational below:

You name it, we’ve reviewed it! Well, when it comes to coffee reviews, that is.

We want to celebrate the coffee industry… from the farmers, to the coffee roasters, to you, who wakes up every morning and looks forward to sipping on coffee, in your favourite coffee mug, to start the day.

Welcome to Jiale Coffee!

You will find carefully researched coffees, any questions that coffee fans may have, as well as some awesome information on coffee makers.

My Morning Routine…

Every morning when I wake up to my cat’s demands, I know it’s time: it’s time to feed the little guy his most favourite of foods and in between, I make coffee.

But it’s what the day holds for me during the routine of making coffee, drinking it.

It means I open my door, enjoy the beautiful view outside, while playing with my handsome boy.

Sipping an aromatic and deliciously perfect mugga Joe in the mornings for me, personally, means starting the day with potential and love.