BulletProof Coffee: Can Coffee Help You Burn Fat?

BulletProof Coffee: Can Coffee Help You Burn Fat?

Have you heard about the ketogenic diet?  The basic idea of the Keto diet is to indulge in a high amount of good fats, medium amount of protein, very low amount of carbohydrates (not your typical breads and pastas!), and no sugars.

How does all this work? How is coffee involved? And how does mixing butter in with coffee help you burn fat?  Today, Jiale is posting this video which explains what is BulletProof Coffee and how it helps burn fat and help you lose weight:

Cheap Coffee Competition – 7/11 VS McDonalds VS Dunkin’ Donuts

Cheap Coffee Competition – 7/11 VS McDonalds VS Dunkin’ Donuts

Most of us have enjoyed coffee from some shady diners as well as gas stations. You name it, our team here at Jiale Coffee has tried it: McDonald’s, 7-11, Dunkin’ Donuts (an East Coast all time favorite!)… and God knows what else has graced our lips!

With that in mind, which one of these is the best of the cheapest coffees and which one is the worst?

Do you agree with this “expert”?


Fresh Coffee Beans Are A Must!

Fresh Coffee Beans Are A Must!

How many times have you rolled your eyes at someone fretting over using fresh coffee beans for their coffee?  Unless you appreciate a fresh cup-a-Joe every morning,  you probably won’t understand.

But you are here because you DO understand! Love, Jiale Coffee.

Different Coffee Roasts – A Simple Guide To Learn Coffee Basics

Different Coffee Roasts – A Simple Guide To Learn Coffee Basics

Almost everyone we know loves coffee, or at least likes it enough to drink it from time to time. The hardcore coffee drinkers will know the differences between all the types of coffee, but for those who aren’t really sure, this article is for you.

We will be going over the different roasts of coffee, what they’re good for and what they are paired well with if you enjoy snacks with your coffee. For coffee reviews and more, check out our updates daily!

Different Coffee Roasts:

1. What Does Light Roast Coffee Mean?


Light Roast Coffee


Some people think that the lighter the roast, the less caffeine there is, but it actually has a higher amount of caffeine. The taste is more mild and grainy, versus getting more bitter as you get further into the darker roasts.

Light roast is lighter in color with no oil showing at the surface because of the roasting time. The longer the coffee roasts, the darker it is and the more oil will come to the surface.

Lightly roasted beans are slightly more acidic and are roasted until “first crack”, which is a term used to measure when to stop roasting the bean for each type of roast.

When the beans crack, they expand in size, so when it cracks once, they are taken out. When beans crack twice, then you have a medium roasted bean and so on.

Pairs well with: fruity/floral desserts, pastries, fruity chocolates, crème Brule, eggs, Thai foods, etc.

2. What Does Medium Roast Coffee Mean?


medium roast coffee


Medium brown in color, this roast loses the grainy taste of the light roast and becomes more balanced all around. It’s less acidic with more flavor and a stronger aroma, but with less caffeine than light roast.

This bean is taken out of the roaster right before the second crack, and is commonly called American Roast or Breakfast Roast. There is still no oil on the surface of the beans.

Pairs well with: milk chocolate, muffins, caramelized foods, toasted nuts, cereal, etc.

3. What Does Medium Dark Roast Coffee Mean?


medium dark roast coffee


This roast is a darker brown with some oil starting to show on the surface and is more full-bodied than the light and medium roasts.

They are roasted until the beginning or middle of the second crack, and they may acquire a more spicier taste. You may see them named Full-City Roast or Vienna Roast in the grocery store.

Pairs well with: pecan pie, carrot cake, omelets, Chinese food, spiced chocolates, etc.

4. What Does Dark Roast Coffee Mean?


dark roast coffee


These beans are very dark brown in color, almost black, and have oil on the surface, looking more shiny. It can have a smoky or bitter burnt taste with less caffeine than the others, and is roasted until the end of the second crack.

You will see it as French Roast, Italian Roast or Espresso Roast in the store.

When you see “Espresso” coffee in the store, it is not a different kind of bean. It’s dark roasted beans ground up much finer than regular beans.

The company prefers that you make it in an espresso machine, quickly brewed for optimal flavor.

Pairs well with: creamy desserts like cheesecake or tiramisu, dark chocolate, brownies, chocolate cake, meat entrees, etc.