About Me

Hi there!

My name is Adrian and this is my site. Just a little bit of introduction:

I have been drinking coffee since I was 14 years old. My fondest memories were of starting my day by pouring of cup of coffee my dad would prepared in the early mornings.

He would be sipping noisily away at his coffee and reading the newspaper as I’d pour mine and sit down.

Over the years, I’ve tried all types of coffee and I’ve owned quite a few coffee makers as well.

Eventually, I decided to put all my coffee knowledge into this site.

I also told myself I would learn more about coffee and share it with other people.

So, here we are!

A bit of a background: I hail from America’s Finest City (San Diego) and have lived on the east coast and the west coast. I travel often and love animals.

One of my favorite memories with my cat (he passed away at the beginning of the pandemic) is picking up my boy, letting him smell whatever coffee beans I was about to use, and making coffee together:

In fact, part of my morning routine involves my kitty choosing the coffee for me every morning 😉 Here’s my kitten Blazey showing me he approves of a new coffee selection:

You could call me a coffee enthusiast. Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up and look forward to making it or getting it on the go:

Anyways, grab a mugga Joe and make yourself at home! <3